Thursday, December 22, 2011


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Summer break is here for weekssssss...
I've been traveling around Australia. So sick of airports, especially Melbourne Tullamarine airport which can be my home..
Went to Gold coast and Tassie with exchange students. Thrill rides were interesting and challenged my adrenaline level. I'm braver than I used to be. XD
Tassie is a really beautiful and relaxing place. Being a backpacker feels awesome.
After tassie, I have Sydney as my last spot of the whole marathon. Sydney trip was really nice. Undescribeable. I love the feeling being with family. Uncle and aunty treat me really well and I had the best sleep ever in Aussie there. Need not to worry a single thing.
Then, I'm back in Melby few days ago. And sis is in town now!
Tour them around and we are going back together, soon.

I can't wait to go back!!!
Details about the trips will be up soon..
I know u miss me.. Love ya!! XD

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Billion thanks

Watched a short clip about long distance relationship few days ago. It was so depressing to me, as I miss home so much. It's not just about boy-girl relationship. I did the exactly same thing to my family and my close friends. I tell them everything, even what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lame =P

One of my friends told me, "congrats! you survived through this sem!" Yeah, she's right. It's all about survival, especially during that awful exam period. I'm glad to have so many people to support me and listen to me. I'll always show my naughty side during exam period. I'll disturb people to escape from books. I'm annoying. Sorry and thank you for understanding my weird-ness.

Can't believe that I'll be going back in one month time! =D Time to thank my lovessssss.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

3-2-1 Action!

Hello!!! Camera is back in action. "ka-cha!"

Yesterday was long and awesome. Today is relaxing. What about my coming 3 months of summer break? Hmmm.... I think I can spell it. It is gonna be F-U-N, S-W-E-E-T and M-E-M-O-R-A-B-L-E. =D

Had a very relaxing "morning walk" in the city with roomie on Saturday morning. Went gym after that and headed to botanical garden with the others. Finally, we went in after 4 months.

The garden is HUGE (from my perspective). So, I lost my direction for the 3rd time in Melbourne, 1st time with company. =P

After the short trip to the garden, we headed back home to surprise Sue Yen and had dinner at a Thai restaurant near Fitzroy. The food was satisfying and I'm happy to have dinner with so many people again after exam period.

Ooppsss, I haven't finish telling about my Saturday! Told you it was long and awesome in the first place. XD Skype session with my ladies! Yeah!! It has been a long time I didn't hear their voices. Last year this time, we had lots of fun after exam. Too bad I'm too far away now. Nevermind, you all will see my face soon!! ^^

Spherical pink flowers and the exhausted-but-i-still-wanna-go-out face. =D

All the girls of the day. =D

I talked with my ladies till about 3am in the morning.
Guess what time I wake up today?
I got scared by the clock. 1.30pm! LOL
It's holiday. Weeheee!!
So I had my lunch at 2pm and went out to shop.
Look up and down for Coke bottles. It took me longer to find the names than shopping.
Watching Gossip girls now.....

Friday, November 11, 2011



I still miss home. I still miss them.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last one for 2011

Exam delayed for 30 minutes.
I don't know I should be grateful, that I have more time to study these craps, or should be upset, that my shopping time is being shorten.
PAC2342 is killing me softly with all the concepts, policies and steps.
Brain isn't functioning well and really wish that I could crap something out later.
It's the last one for 2011. GO ROU!!!
Good luck to all my pharmacy buddies. <3
I'll know what this means later --- S-U-M-M-E-R B-R-E-A-K =D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keep counting...

About 2 months left to complete 2011.
The year full of sadness is going to end. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! *tears dropped*
Came across this medley in youtube.
Crazily in love with it because it has all my favourite songs. And, it's Sam Tsui and Kurt!
Guys with talent are attractive. I SAID SO. =P
~Click "play" and continue reading~
Don't worry, I'm not going to summarize my life in 2011 yet.
Much more intereting events coming up, how can I stop it now?
When life gets hard, I'm glad that you are always there for me.
You make me feel valuable.
I'm always right in my way.
Being confident and a bit of ignorance are the keys to gain a big smile on your face.
You are the reason that keep me moving.
I know how important is a hug to me now. =)
Just a post to share nice song and some appreciations. Ending this with what I keep telling myself recently.
"Close your eyes, listen to your heart, follow what it tells you and you'll have a happy life."
Cheers people! It's saturday night! =D
PS: 42 days to go home. YEAH!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011




Tuesday, November 1, 2011



不是那有个bear bear陪我入眠的床

看看Selina 结婚的片段,
我凭什么说 “我不行了!” “我撑不下去了!”


Selina -- 謝謝你們 愛我的每個人


Monday, October 31, 2011

非死不可? =P

SORRY!! I said I'm gonna update "tomorrow" in my previous post and I've been missing in action for more than half a month. =P No other reason, but just L-A-Z-Y

It's exam period now. Last 4 papers for this year and I've done with a tough one this morning. 3 more to go and will be free after next Friday. =D To be honest, I'm not in study mood now and watching 3rd episodes of 康熙来了. "Drug"-free period??

I have a different feeling for this week. By having more quality time for myself instead of stalking people in facebook, I feel great. Yes, I know lesser about people's latest social updates. Less gossips. These seem like disadvantages but having more time to care about myself, the pros outweight the cons. Need to admit that I actually spent more time to disturb my family members, feel a little disappointed that not many people notice my absence in facebook and spent more time in twitter. XD


Time to get back to work! When will be my next post? I promise, SOON. haha.. Good luck for those having finals! I'll be back in Malaysia in 48 days! Yesssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Photos are magical.
That's the reason why I'm interested in photography.
Please just temporary forget about my poor skill and my long distance relationship with my baby. =P
Photos tell stories. Storage of memories, no doubt.
It tells me that it is important to enjoy every moment in life. Every second spent is precious because the same thing will never happen again.
100+ days away from home. 100+ days since you left.
Tears never fails to drop whenever I think about you. I'll be stronger, I promise. I'll smile, like how you always do. =)

*Chinese zodiac sign*

P/S: Having a quiz tomorrow, so I'll update my blog again tomorrow. Just a short post today to show that I'm still alive in Melbourne. haha...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

back in function

Finally, my body is functioning properly.
Can't wait to share the joy. =D
However, my sixth sense is back in function as well.

I sensed something.
Something is not right. I have the feeling.
Shall wait and see how it progress.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy!

This post is specially dedicated for my beloved mummy. =D 





虽然我身在远方,但是我的精神永远与你们同在! 我真的很期待回家的日子。不久了!=)





Last Friday Night

Not going to update about how I spent my weekend this time. I had an awesome Friday night! Not about party and drinking. It's all about the lovely friends I have. =D

This weekend, I have been staying at home and study. Thanks to the test and assignment. So, on Friday night, I had video call with xin ling as usual. It's a routine now. haha.. After a while, su ann online and we tried group video call together. 3 of us finally "meet". We had men talk for a while and photo session started. LOL...

We then asked the guys to join. Cutest photos I've ever taken this year.

Yen yee and Chern joined us after a while. Talked to them until late night. Thanks for staying up late for me!

Contents are private but I can tell that I felt the love throughout the conversation. All of them spent their precious time just to update me and listen to me. I'm grateful to have you all in my life. I feel so good after Friday. That's a night to remember. That's why I'm jotting down here. It will be kept in the "sweet memory" folder.

Honestly, I miss them a lot. Can't wait to meet them in real and give each of them a big hug. Thank you for your presence and be part of my life. =D I know this is a bit over, but I still wanna say "Friend, I love you!"

Yen yee and James shared this video in fb and I find it very meaningful to me now.


一起熬夜一起在网上费话连篇  XD


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Not in the mood of reading. So, I'm here to update about FOOD!

The photo below shows what I usually hunt for when I crave for fish.
Yes, that's Fish & Chips. I had grilled fish with chips few weeks back. Apart from the Sze Chuan dinner I had with friends, which they ordered a big bowl of chillies with fish, I normally eat fish with CHIPS! Unhealthy way to eat fish. I always miss home-cook steamed fish. Not forget to mention about prawns, which is one of my favourite. I didn't have that since the day I reach Melbourne, not even a shrimp. =(

Besides fish, I would like to share about macadamia nuts. I saw a few stalls selling macadamia nuts in Queen Victoria Market on the first week. So, I was tempted to buy them. During my second visit to the market, I bought 2 packets of macadamia nuts, natural and honey-coated. They are sweet and crunchy. So, I took them with my dinner usually and finished them within 2-3 weeks. XD Guilty much. But they are really nice! I'll buy some back, I think.

So now, it's time to show you what food I consumed the most. The first one will be....... BREAD!!!

I take bread for breakfast and lunch, USUALLY. Save money? I hope it helps. =) Coz I've booked my flight to Gold Coast and Tasmania, and will definitely need to go Sydney. But I like bread. So, no harm doing so. haha! Now I understand Teck Yuen's feeling. It isn't that sad as I thought. (whoever read this please pass this sentence to him. hehe.. )

Oats! Yeah, that's my breakfast since the 2nd week. Enjoy consuming it plain and sometimes with milk. A bowl of warm oat in the morning makes my day. It helps a lot to stop me from shivering in the morning. =D I miss daddy whenever I take oats.

Monday, August 15, 2011

MId August Update 2011

Just realized that I had bandoned this little corner of mine for such a long time. =P

I had been in Melbourne for the one month plus. That's fast! Had been busy going around and of course, spent a lot. As you noticed, I had put on weight and I still eat a lot. Guilty much.

Usually, I'll stay back in library and study during weekdays and won't touch on books during weekends. My pre-reading process is gonna come to an end. VERY SOON. =( unproductive over here and I have plenty of reasons to slack. Whoever reads this, please motivate me to study. Thank you. =D

I had been to 2 tours since the last post. I went to Ballarat, to see this very traditional little village and get to visit the gold mine. A very new experience and nice sight-seeing spot. Then, last Saturday, I went for Great Ocean Road Trip. The view there was nice and we had Fish & Chips outdoor. Sea view with food was really enjoying. It would be nicer with shorts and flip flops. XD

Just spending some time here to wait for my food to digest. Had a very huge Souvlaki as late dinner aka supper for me just now. Oh yeah, I went for this free 3D movie screening. And the 3D effect here is much better than the one back in Malaysia. That documentary was quite stunning also. I had a looonnnggg day. Happy internally. =D

So yeah, enjoy the photos and I'll update as soon as possible. @ Albert Park, playing with the swans
@ Ballarat with the lady at candle shop
12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road

Monday, July 25, 2011


Weekend started happily but ended up with some unexpected mood. Oh well, not gonna share what happened coz it is something that I would never want to mention it again.

Alright, back to topic. The title doesn't mean that life here or studies are as easy as ABC.

I make it stands for "And I am in Melbourne, surrounded by Beer and Chocolate" =)

Went to try Max Brenner on Saturday night with Sarah. Both of us decided not to follow the group to St. Kilda's Beach to spot penguins as both of us were freezing cold, even at home. So yeah, we walked to Melbourne Central and try the hot chocolates. It has high reputation and we always see crowds.

I tried the milk chocolate, Sarah ordered white chocolate and we shared a waffle.

My milk chocolate was really satisfying. Heart melted with a sip of chocolate. Ok, I need to admit that I'm a bit exaggerating. Chocolate is my new favourite! Not to forget to mention about the chocolate waffle. It was really really nice! And, you will feel guilty after eating them coz the chocolate will fill up every single space of your mouth. =P
* so this is the chocolate waffle!!*
*My Milk Chocolate*

About beer, I tried once in Red Scooter party and I had another one glass today with my dinner. That's specifically for beer. I've tried wines and vodka also.

Liquors are always much cheaper than fruit juices or other non-alcoholic beverages. It costs me 2 bucks as an add-on to get the glass of beer today.


It is obvious that I'm not having a healthy life here. XP

Friday, July 22, 2011

My legs are strong!

This is my 2nd week in Melbourne. Oh well, it was more happening as compared to last week. At least, I visited more places, walked more and cooked with my housemates. =D

So, continue from last post, where I ended with Red Scooter party last Friday night. On Saturday night, we cooked our first meal ever in my 3rd home. We cooked ABC soup and fried vege. Simple, nice and healthy. =D

*posing with the food, looking freaking tired*

Oh well, I forgotten what I did on Saturday morning and noon. Probably just unpacked my luggage and went out for grocery shopping.

Sunday was very packed but I really enjoyed. Went to Flagstaff Garden with Sue Yen before heading to Queen Victoria Market. Just to take a look and snapped some nice photos with the grass, trees and flowers. I love nature!!

And we had potluck at night with the guys we met during orientation. Sunway campus exchange students rocks!! =)

The guys stayed over at our place and we went to Shrine of Remembrance after having lunch at Menya, Elizabeth Street on Monday. I kinda like the food they served. Big portion and yummy!

*Favourite photo of the day*

Tuesday, we went to DFO to shop after orientation. Orientaion in Parkville campus was really "cute". ONLY 5 of us with the admin. We had a brief presentation as introduction, campus tour by senior and lunch with the admin again at Primary Cafe. The whole orientation programme took us around 3 hours only. And we spent 45 minutes walking to Parkville campus from our place. LOL

Parkville campus is really small as compared to Clayton campus. But since we are only having one faculty there, it is much better compared to our building 3 back in Sunway. But I still prefer the 3 floors library in Sunway campus. Maybe i will have better feeling towards the library after I camp there.

Back to my brief summary of 2nd week life in melbourne. We went to DFO by taking the free city circle tram. Walked quite a distance to actually reach DFO. We need to walk pass the bridge in order to get there. So, to be a typical tourist, I have the photo below. XD
* The wind is too strong till I have to hold my hair. LOL *

I got 2 dresses from Rip Curl in DFO!! Yeah!! And a short which costs me 5 bucks. Dirt cheap!

On Wednesday, money-saving day. Since I went out everyday and spent a lot on shopping. Sarah and I decided to stay at home to rest and we cooked wantan soup for dinner! *proud* =D Dang dang dang dang!!!
* the wantanSSS look so pretty yummy huh? *

On Thursday, we went Clayton in the morning to meet up with the others. Walked all the way to Springvale just to try that CHEAP 5 bucks lunch. It took us 3 hours plus to and fro just to have the lunch. Ok, I swear I'll never do that again. I almost sweat and can really feel the warmness in my body. Oh man, it's winter and I can make myself sweaty!

After that lunch, we went to Chadstone for a walk. The largest shopping I've been to in Melbourne, till now. It is really a nice shopping spot. But we were lack of time and spent like 45 mins there and headed to the beach. BRIGHTON BEACH in winter!!

*it's weird to pose with winter jacket on the beach though*

*all the crazy people on Brighton beach*

And so today (Friday), we went to Parkville campus to ask about our timetable. FYI, we haven't get our timetable yet and classes are starting this coming Monday. Yeah, no class for the entire sem! XD

We showed Hesmond our cafeteria and the snakes in the caferia. The snake was being fed with rat. Ewww... I wonder why we have this in cafeteria.
*Snake eating the rat in CAFETERIA*

We went Lygon street to hunt for some nice Italian food. And we dropped by this restaurant -- Cafe Cavallino. Sarah and I planned to go to the other one but it is further down the street and we were hungry. So, we just picked a restaurant that has a lot of customers. And it ended up satisfying. Much better than the 4 bucks salty pizza I had for consecutive 2 Thursday nights at Lucky Coq, Chapel street.
*Posing with the 4 flavours large pizza. 3 of us sharing of coz. XD*

We went grocery shopping after lunch. Bought a red wine and 4 bottles of Vodka @ Dan Murphy, QV. =P

Cooked dinner also. It looks healthy right?

That's all for my 2nd week in Melbourne. Hopefully 3rd week will be much happening but not so tiring. haha.. Stay tuned people! I'll try to update more often.

DO MISS ME okay??

Monday, July 11, 2011

Everything is fresh!! (1st week in Melbourne)

Had been here for one week. Basically just went for orientation talks & events and grocery shopping.
I'm so tired of walking on the same streets. Explore explore explore! Mission for next week!

Last weekend was filled by grocery shoppingSSS.
Amelia's uncle fetched us to Footscray and Watergardens to shop for cheaper groceries.
Sarah, Eunice and me @ Amelia's uncle's house =)

Then, we went to settle our bank and payments on Monday. Walked around the city (to be particular, just that few streets) and dropped by Hungry Jack for lunch. It's the Aussie's Burger King. Nothing to be fancy over.

Me and Sue Yen with our wrap and burger, respectively. =)
A nice experience anyway. Fries are good.

Got myself 2 pairs of boots while walking along the streets. Yeah!! My sport shoes doesn't work here. So, boots saved my life! LOL~
Street view is loved!!

Another day: Walking on the streets after orientation @ Clayton and took some random shots. One of my favourites!!

On Wednesday evening, joined the Orientation evening activity and visited Eureka Skydeck 88. The lift is amazing! It brought us up 88 floors in seconds! The Melbourne city night view is stunning. But all the building looks similar to me in dark with lights on. haha..
Group pic! Malaysians, Hayley(from HK) and Steph. =)

Another group pic of the night after visiting Eureka skydeck @ Swanston St.

Another orientation talk on Thursday. So, we went to Clayton early morning. Got my OZ student ID as well.

Joined the evening activity (dinner-pizza @ chapel's street). So, I walked around Clayton campus as it was early before meeting time. Sports centre is a really nice place with awesome facilities. The field is HUGE!! Clayton campus even has lakes and gardens. It's so cool~

This is a part of Clayton campus. =O

On Friday, we went to settle our payments before start preparing for the Red Scooter event. Had a Bacon, Egg and Cheese pie from Pie Face.
*slurps* SO CUTE, isn't it?

Then, had a great party at night. It's my first time being into such place. Brand new and unforgettable experience. I looked red in most of the pic. But people, I'm not drunk, at all. My nose turned red in cold. =P

Us on the super huge chair.

So, that's the summary of this week. My first week in Melbourne. This city has more places waiting for me to explore.

Mission for next week: Visit more awesome places.

Have a great weekend guys!! I miss everyone in Malaysia!!

Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night! Not about party. But it was exciting.
It's our departure time to Melbourne, my current location.
My family sent me off all the way from hometown to airport, which spent us about 4 hours.
Dad must be tired of driving as they traveled back on the same day and reached home around 3 in the morning.

Let's talk about my pre-departure experience.
Since 5 of us departing together, there are 5 families there to send each of us off.
Other than family members, few of them have friends to send them off.
Of course, our lovely coursemates came all the way to airport to send us too.
Really feel thankful as it was really a great effort for them to come all the way, especially under that road-blocks-everywhere condition.
It was suppose to be a surprise for us but I got to know it 2 days before. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I didn't tear off in the airport.
Got phone calls from dearest roomie and James too.
Got a few texts too. I'm sorry if I didn't reply as I was too busy saying goodbye in the airport.
BIG THANK YOU to everyone! You guys are really awesome! And, I'm getting used to this new place now. No worries.
Will keep updating my blog. Need to take more photos from today onwards! I took less than 50 photos these days. Oopsss!! XD

Friends and family. XOXO

~Family photo~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some words to tell

In less than 48 hours time, I'll be boarding to my dream land.
If you were to ask me to describe my feelings now, I would say that I'm excited and non-stop thinking about what will happen there. I have pretty good imagination.
That's a strange city for me. Have been wanted to go there for years and finally dream comes true.
I had a thought of not applying for this programme. I thought of rejecting the offer.
These thoughts came when things went wrong. When things happened not according to my expectation.
Thanks to my family and friends who encouraged me. Asked me not to think about the negative parts and pursue my dream.
Things still went wrong. I lost my love one before I leave.
I promise, I'll have a good life there. Take good care of myself and enjoy every moment.
I'll miss everyone. Seriously.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

思念是一种很玄的东西 如影随形
爱要说出口 却总有不对的时机
心中有很多话还没说 只能成为遗憾
您常常对我说 谢谢你
我却没有好好的 认真的 道谢

Hello readers, I'm back. Again.
Sorry that I've been missing for so long.
No movie review. I didn't go for that because I decided to save the time for the people I love.

Things didn't go according to plan.
Leaving in one week time and I'm having mixed feelings now.
I'll try to express how I feel in the next post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's another end

So, year 2 sem 1 officially ended. Sweetly.
With presents, meaningful meals, and lots of hugsss.
Thank God I'll be back here next year.
Aussie is gonna be fun.
Malaysia is gonna be missed SOON.
Precious every moment left.
Time to grab camera and snap every single corner and every single people around.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Movie Movie

One more paper to freedom! But I've been relaxing all this while. So, I don't think I'll scream and jump after exam anymore.

Had been talking about love and relationship with housemates recently. EVERYDAY to be exact. What I would say, I'm really proud and happy to live on my own and rely on family. To be honest, after talking with them, I think I don't want to have any changes to be made. It sounds a little troublesome. But if there's a 0.5, I won't mind. =D

Anyway, the main purpose of this blog is to share my happiness. This might be the reason which keeps me so excited and relax all the time. I WON TWO PASSES TO WATCH GREEN LANTERN PREMIERE SCREENING!!!!!!!!

Thanks Nuffnang! I have been waiting for this movie since February. And I'm glad to have the chance to watch it free and it's premiere screening! Transport is still a problem for me, but who cares? It's a day after finals. XD

I will write a review about the movie. Promise. =D

Time to go and force myself to start reading. Goodnight peeps!!! Have a nice weekend! XOXO

Monday, June 6, 2011


Got distracted for a moment. I'll be waving goodbye in one month time. *tears rolling*
Shall I consider to tell out the truth? That I'll miss you, you, you and you.
I have one month to think........

Just a nice song to share. =) Have a break!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First paper tomorrow!
I promise I'll update this blog after finals.
I can only feel the stress with my exaggerated weird thoughts.

Good luck to all my coursemates!!

Take a deep breath...... and smile =)
Everything will be alright. =D

Friday, May 20, 2011


It's 21st May and I'm glad I can still blog at this moment.
I really think that we have to express our love, care and feeling anytime, anywhere to the right person, at the right timing.
Never wait until the day before judgement day and start to panic.

I just wanna say, I LOVE YOU to everyone who reads this post.
I love you. Coz you're being so kind to keep track with my blog updates...
I love you. Coz you aregiving me power to keep blogging and really thank you for reading...
I love you. Coz you make the effort to understand me by reading this blog...

If you are just a stranger or random reader, I love you because you spent your every precious minutes on judgement day to read this.
If you are my friends, I love you more coz you participate in my life and make me a cheerful person.
If you are my family members, I love you more than anyone else with unexplainable reasons.

Thanks for reading and PRAY HARD!! *close your eyes, and pray*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

NON-princess diary

The story started 1.5 days ago when I found that I've lost my favourite pen's cover........

I was studying that time, jotting down notes, as usual.
Interestingly, I noticed that the cover was not with the pen and I started to look up and down of my study desk. I even went out to the living room and kitchen to check.
===========> RESULT: I lost the cover =(

Was very upset yesterday as well.
Replaced the cover with a random pen cover, which does not fit at all.
Tried to finish the ink asap(its a gel ink pen by the way) by copying textbook before it dries up.
So, I studied until 2am and there is still quite an amount of ink. Gave up and went to sleep.
Lied down on the bed and kept turning left-right-left-right.
Argh!! It's caffeine! Had too much tea throughout the day (pearl milk tea + green tea).
Surprisingly, I touched something under my pillow.
It's a small object. *Smile* PEN COVER!!
Gosh, I slept with it the previous night without realizing it's presence.
This reminds me of the story "The princess and the pea".
The princess can feel the presence of the pe
a under so many mattresses.
I can't even feel one pen cover under a flat pillow!!!!
=================> Conclusion: I am not a princess =(

It's kinda sad as I couldn't be like her. *crying over broken dream*

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A day before friday the 13th

Have been really busy this week.
Busy searching for accommodation.
Sent lots of emails to different agents and hope for good news.
Sadly, only a few replied and only bad news were given.
It is either they have 12-24 months lease or need legal inspection.
Need some luck!!!
Really wish to get a nice place with reasonable price (can't afford expensive one as I'm not being sponsored. =( )
I have another problem too. Need to find a tenant to replace my place over here.
Gosh! I need a break.

While emo-ing over accommodation problem, I have to deal with tests and assignment.
Finals is just less than one month away ( and NO revision is being done! G-R-E-A-T!!)

Angel: You really need to focus on books.
Devil: You should watch a nice movie


Monday, May 9, 2011

Google NOW!!

Open google and SMILE!!!
The design of the homepage of GOOGLE is always attractive, especially during special events.
And today, it reminds me about my Pre-U life, where everyone is fascinated over the cartoon tee.
Sharing some logos of Google with cute design. There, it clears your MONDAY BLUE~~ =D