Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm the owner of 2 cameras. Yeah!

People, meet my new toy! Finally I got myself this Fujifilm instax mini 7s in midvalley during the Raya break. I wanted the pink one but it is out of stock. =( anyway, i kinda like this colour too. Blue starts to replace pink to be my favourite colour.

It is a lomo camera. So, enjoy the effect and don't ask me why it isn't as clear as digital camera/dslr. I haven't get to take picture with my babe toy yet. So, I'm going to play with it later when I meet up with darling ven. XD I LOVE LOMO!

My favourite photo! taken @ monash B6L3 staircase
Credit to Devi =D
Credit to Jie Min
I will have to save money in order to take more photos with this babe. 3 bucks per photo. So, I gonna save 3 bucks a day (minimum amount) from now onwards, which I think its an impossible mission. Anyway, I still love my canon digital camera. =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A brief one

I have too many pending posts. So, I'm gonna squeeze everything in one post and photos will do all the story-telling. =) That's how a lazy dumb pig blog. =D

31st August 2010, had a simple birthday celebration for 2 merdeka babies - Xin Ling and Teck Yuen at Itallianies, Sunway Pyramid.
Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy
Group photos =)

Went for steamboat buffet @ Tasty Pot, Mentari Sunway the day before Raya. We walked there from hostel. Pretty cool huh. I sweat and that's why I look like a crazy woman in all the photos. =( It was a very nice dinner with friends. (NOTE: there's nothing to do with the food) The food they served are not as good as I expected. Just normal. Indeed, I think Seoul Garden serves better food with nicer environment. Anyway, I enjoy being around with these people. =)
Only 3 girls for steamboat session. From right: Devi, Su Ann and me
The Guys. From left: Kah Sing, Sebastian, Chun Shuo, Hong Liang, James, Teck Yuen

The next day, which is the official Raya break. I went over to Midvalley to meet up with sis and uncle's family. I spent the whole weekend with them. Heart the moment. Uncle treated me with lots of good food and red wine. Hmm.. I think my alcohol tolerance level is much higher now. I can drink a glass of red wine and didn't turn into tomato face. XD
Resident Evil III -ing with sis at GSC Signature
With my Gold Class seat =) blankets and pillow are provided. hehe
Alright, I'm done with this brief post about my raya break and merdeka celebration. More to come? Of course. It will be about my new toy. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The weekend

This photo makes me smile. He is adorable. Agree with me?

I went back to hometown last weekend.
It was interesting to tell that I wasted my 55 bucks Aeroline ticket for my assignment.
See how important you are to me. High score please.
Since I wasted the bus ticket, guess how I went back to Taiping?
Ok, let me tell you.
I took flight back to Penang. Then aunty fetched me back to Taip
Pretty tiring trip.
It was my first time taking plane. And, most important point is, I'm all alone.
Fuh! I sound brave. *perasan*
It was a really nice adventure to LCCT.
If you can speak and with some money in your pocket, nothing can fail you.

Basically, I spent 2.5/4 days at home. Coz I spent most of
the time travelling. T.T
Although parents were busy with work and sis was busy with exam preparation, I still enjoyed my days at home. The feeling is really sweet with your love ones b
eside you, even without any words or action.

Oh yeah, not to forget. I celebrated my baby Dong's 5th birthday. Its a belated one. All of us forgotten his bday. So bad. I bought a cake for him and had a simple celebration. Here goes the photos.
I love my family and Dong. I'll miss them for 2 months. ='(
So, in order to get rid of homesick, i'll live happily over here. It's a challenge but i think i can do it with a bunch of friends around.