Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am twenty-three

Celebrated my 23rd birthday AS USUAL on 18th January. I did not expect for any special thing to happen and really nothing happen.

Got a birthday call from my kind friend, who is also "ahem ahem ahem" (secret that I'll never tell here). I admit that I forced him to call and he really did. THANK YOU!! I still appreciate it a lot. We talked about our future job and travel plans. Time to work and save money!! $$$

Forced another to sing me birthday song and failed miserably. Plan doesn't works all the time. But well, at least I had a great conversation with that friend as well. =)

This will be a brand new year for me. A friend who used to be my best friend totally forget my birthday because I'm a total stranger now. Things changed and I learnt to move on. Still, I feel sad for my lost of a friendship. Time for me to meet more new friends and explore the world! =D

Not to forget, I have a mission to complete this year. What is it about? Hehe.... I will announce when it is successful. Till then, Bye!!!

Next post will be up ASAP as I'm busy working for my parents. Do come over to visit me if you miss me. Love ya~

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


话说刚播完不久的 “MY 盛 LADY” 太超级无敌好看了。集集都有很多的金句。

港女必学四金句: 真係呷?点解嘅?你好叻啊!傻的吗?
X: eh....等下弯右边哦!
Y: 真係呷?
X: 是是是。。
Y: 点解嘅?
X: Google map 说的!
Y: 哇!你好叻啊!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

And I am a Capricorn and proud to be one!

Came across an article this morning and I find it interesting. It mentioned about the characteristics of a capricorn and I realized that I'm so CAPRICORN. Stubborn and detached. Ambitious and moody. Hmm.... Maybe I should learn from all the cons and improve myself in this new year. 

Time for a change. From autistic kid to ADHD kid, from a university student to a graduate, and now I want to change to a better person with a strong heart. Good luck to me! and I hope everyone would have a great year ahead with lots of changes. Life wouldn't be awesome without a change. Changes bring memories and those are unforgettable. Cheers!!!

Would You Or Wouldn’t You Date A Capricorn?

quoted from:



This is a great characteristic to have because it means you aren’t settling for the bare minimum. Capricorns have high standards, so if you are lucky enough to find one to date you, well then, you must be something special. These people don’t just turn any old rendezvous into a relationship; they wait until they’ve found a compatible match.


The last thing you want to deal with in a relationship is an emotional train wreck. For anyone who has been in that position before, you are more than aware of how detrimental this can be. There is no sustainability when you, or your partner, continuously display erratic behavior.


Wouldn’t you want your partner to have motivation and drive? There’s nothing worse than dating a lazy person because chances are, if they are lackadaisical in one aspect, he or she will be lazy in another. You want someone who is always seeking more out of life and looking for excitement in any and all situations.


This is perhaps one of the best and most crucial qualities a person can possess. Fights and disagreements happen from time to time in relationships, so wouldn’t you rather work these issues out with someone who is patient? Relationships are all about compromise, and a patient person will more than willing to hear your side of the story without interrupting or throwing his or her beliefs in your face.


If a Capricorn is not happy with his or her present situation, he or she will actively change it rather than simply complain. Capricorns are driven individuals who are in control of their present circumstances, a trait not everyone has. They don’t sit back and let good fate appear; they actively go out and make it happen.


Works A Little Too Hard

Sometimes a Capricorn forgets how essential it is to take a break from work. Capricorns are so driven that they don’t take time to themselves. If you have a date set and a work obligation arises, you better be prepared for your boyfriend or girlfriend to blow you off. This can get pretty annoying if it happens frequently.


What’s worse than a person who is set in his or her ways? I can’t think of anything worse than arguing with someone who won’t budge in his or her beliefs. Sometimes you do not always know what is best and it’s okay to admit that, especially in a relationship.


If the way you’re acting is not in a fashion a Capricorn appreciates, you better believe he or she is going to look elsewhere. Capricorns are very particular about their romantic partners, so if you aren’t satisfying them, they are going to leave without looking back.


When you are dating someone as hardworking as a Capricorn, expect his or her mood to fluctuate based on the type of day he or she had at the office. You don’t want to receive the backlash a Capricorn will bring home after a bad day. If he or she is pissed off about something, even if it has nothing to do with you, it will certainly be reflected in his or her mood.


Do you really want to date someone who is constantly putting up walls? This experience is beyond frustrating and the downfall of many relationships. Be careful falling in love with someone who has little likelihood of letting you in.
Each individual is different, so you really never know what a relationship will be like until you try. Based on this list, however, dating a Capricorn seems like an anxiety ridden experience.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!

Happy New Year people! 2013 is over and the brand new year is here. Many people posted photos of New Year Eve celebration and also about their new year resolution. Should I follow the trend?? Hmmm.... I chose to look forward and plan for my new year. I don't want to list any new year resolution because I always forgot about them after 1 month. Ok, I have to admit that I have mild dementia. XD

2014 would be a new start for me. Graduation is coming up in April and also new job is starting in "i-don't-know-when". I'm no longer a university student and will be start working soon. I can't travel anytime I want and I have to earn more bucks for my pension. 

I'm very reluctant to admit that I've lost contact with my ex-good friend because of unknown reason. Things happened, people changed, the time is still ticking and we moved on. For myself, I feel disappointed and sad, also at the same time, I realized that nothing last forever. So from now on, I will hold on tight to whatever I have, no matter it is an object, relationship or chances. Only thing to do in 2014 is to treasure every moment in life and appreciate every chance.