Monday, August 30, 2010


PEEPS! I'm back to update!

Weeks ago, I went out with darling ven and wei jong on a Saturday afternoon. We had lunch together at Shogun and shared our latest stories. When old friends meet, the time is always short and there are always lots of stories left untold.

The meal was nice. Variety of choices. If you're not a sushi lover, you can still fill your tummy with lots of thai dishes and tempura. I like the desserts as well. Ok. Let the pictures tell the story. I've too many pending post to type. LOL..

This guy came all over from Cyberjaya to Sunway for a meal with us! TQ!
SHABU-SHABU provided for free!
Darling ven with her new haircut!

Overview at our food. (NOTE: just part of it)

You can see that we actually eat a lot. Why I gain so much weight these days? The answer is clear enough with photos as evident. TIME TO DIET!!! I look like a pig now. @.@

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Done with first 10% exam

Hey people!
Done with my first 10% Drug Delivery exam!
Will be updating after I recharge my "battery"..
******* sleeping **********
Stay tuned!!

PS: You know you love me. XOXO ( i miss gossip girls!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's dream

Have you thought of going to the jungle alone, sitting under a shady tree, thinking about the past and future?
This idea actually popped out this morning in my mind.
Maybe its due to yoga class yesterday which make me enjoy the relax mode.
I always wanted to go somewhere alone. Somewhere new with bunch of strangers.
I believe I could bump into people and have random talk.
This will not happen in places you are familiar with because the people you talked to might have a group of mutual friends with you.

Who doesn't enjoy dreaming?
Some people even day-dream.
What's so nice about dream?
You can do whatever you can't do in the actual world.
You can scold the person you hate so much but you gonna pretend like nothing in reality.
You can dream about holding hands with your dream man with/without looking the face.
You can do whatever you want unconsciously in your dream.
So, it's good to be not realistic sometimes.
Have more dreams and may all the dreams come true.
Of course, you gonna work hard for that.

Life is fantastic because one can dream.
Life is wonderful because one can love.
Love the people around you.

With love,

Thursday, August 19, 2010


See you next week sweetie!
Big birthday kiss for you here! MUACKS!!

Week 5

Done with presentation.
Dr. Tang was really nice to us as compared to other lecturers.
Next week I'll have a 10% Drug Delivery in-semester test.
But, I don't have the mood to study.
I'm too lazy this sem.
Kick my ass people!

I met some problem this sem.
Don't worry, I can deal with it quite well.
Thanks to penang babes who always cheer up my life.
Thanks to my buddies who always listen to my grumble.
My life is great with your presence. =D


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Oh great!
I've presentation tomorrow!
Nothing to be happy because my presentation exceeds 5 minutes and I've no idea how to cut it. T.T
And, I talked like a retarded person during practice. Pauses occur here and there.
I can't afford to act like this in front of my favourite lecturer.
I still have time to practice. *trying to calm myself down*
Good luck to me and all my classmates!
Week 5! shall be a great one since we don't have class on Friday. hehe..

PS: I'll be back in Taiping soon! I can't stop myself from smiling to the bus ticket everytime I open my drawer. =) Don't think I'm crazy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear blog readers

Sorry to my dear blog readers for abandon this bloggie for weeks.
Sem 2 life is quite hectic. But I'm not that busy though.
LAZY. yes, thats the only reason for not blogging.

Talk about some academic stuff.
Remember I told you about me being flooded with assignments?
I've got one pretty interesting assignment to deal with.
It is about erectile dysfunction v.s. depression.
A psychology assignment which makes me headache this week.
1500-2500 words essay sounds hard. But thanks to my crapping skill, I've got 1300 + words now. =D
Apart from that, I'll have oral presentation next week.
I chose sleep apnea as my topic which will make me regret for the whole sem 2.
Anyway, I got my favourite lecturer - Dr Tang as my examiner. Woots! That's the best part of sem 2. Hopefully he will be as kind as how he looks. LOL. Honestly, he looks cute to me.

Ok, about my uni life then.
I got myself a post in monash yoga club next year as treasurer. =)
will hang out with the board next sat! looking forward for that!
i'm learning how to be a random person. MYC will be a good start since i don't know most of the ppl there.
I met pei leng and jia kee for the first time in sunway. XD
Other than that, i'm repeating the same routine everyday. Uni + study + dinner with buddies + fb.. Dinner time is the best part of the day, usually.

Something happen to my health too.
I'm having eye infection on my right eye now.
It swells and bleeds. yucks!
And, it blocks my vision.
This started on sunday morning when I woke up from my sweet dream.
At first, I thought I punch myself at night. *lame joke, pls laugh to show*
Then, it got worsen the next day.
Mummy urge me to consult doctor.
I went to see a GP after MYC meeting and dinner.
Thanks to james and hong liang who spent their precious time to accompany me there.
Really appreciate it.
Now, my eye is still swollen but not painful anymore.
Is it because my pain receptors have been desensitized? hope not.

Oh yeah, my printer spoilt again after i fixed it for 2 weeks.
So, I went to fix it again last weekend with the help of that 2 sweet guys.
I really owe them a lot.
Sadly, the person said it can't be fully cured. I need to pay 60 + to fix another new cartridge.
I decided not to and brought it back.
It can still function. Just that it might die off anytime. unpredictable printer.