Monday, January 25, 2010


the feel of losing a friend is not that bad as i thought.. Im really in GOOD mood.. Hahaha

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mixed feelings

Fall sick since Monday and I'm still suffering now. Sore throat, fever and cough are killing me. @.@

I had great disappointment these few days. A friend I care didn't wish me on Monday. I'm still mad about that person. Didn't receive any belated wish or what-so-ever until today. Friend.. haha! I'm blind. Still remember I wrote about sending birthday cards to 2 friends on Oct 2009? Yes, one of them. The other one wished me 2 hours before the day ends. Still......ok.

Apart from disappointment, I get a little surprise from fennie. She sent me a birthday card, which is my one and only one present from friends on my 19th. Thanks a lot! You brighten up my day. ^^

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself.. >.<

Yes, I'm officially 19 today. My last year being a teenager. Why I'm so free typing blog now? I've received a "great" present from bacteria. Sounds cool right? I caught a cold. I had fever and sore throat when the clock hits 12am yesterday night. Cry out loud.

Received 2 birthday calls from Hooi Ying and Jessica. I'm really happy. =D
Honestly, the number of sms i received this year is lesser than last year. Blame facebook. My wall is kinda fully packed today. Glad. Thanks for all the wishes. I'll try to enjoy my birthday few days later when I'm fully recover.. =) Once again! Thanks a lot! I love you all!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home Alone Brunch

I'm making myself some spaghetti as brunch after typing this. I wonder how my sis react when she knows she gonna take it again. HOME ALONE BRUNCH=SPAGHETTI. LOL

Happy Birthday!!!

First of all, I would like to wish Mr Raymond Tan and Mr Zhong Yi a very HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!! May you guys have a blissful year and all your birthday wishes come true.

Next, will be a short updates about my life. Had an early birthday celebration with friends in flemington yesterday night. Yes, I celebrated together with zhong yi again. We actually help our friends to save money. 2 in 1 is always cheaper than helding 2 parties. *winks* I feel thankful sincerely. I enjoy hanging out with you guys although I'm always the only girl. haha..

P/S: can i delete 18th jan from the calendar? I don't want to be alone that day. =(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday marathon

Birthday marathon started on 11th.
I wish people in facebook as well as through sms.
This will continue until Feb.
Honestly, Jan and Feb are always my favourite months of the year.
Filled up with love and wishes.
3rd week of 2010 is coming.
I need some luck for 2010.
Sadness and disappointment surrounded me for quite a long time.
It is time to CHANGE.
Wish me luck. =)

Luck is needed.

Read the news.
Feels really bad now.
Earthquake happened in Haiti seems really serious.
Pray hard for the victims.
The Earth need some luck.

Hint and being hinted

I gave out a hint to someone but I get another hint back in return. I tried to guess about the hint. It is either a kind reject from someone or that person didn't get my hint. I'm praying hard. Hoping that my second guess is right.

But, if my second guess is right, i still have nothing to do on Monday. T.T Really really feel like going Penang and find people out. I know it sounds like I'm very "thick face". I just wanna have friends with me on Monday. Dine and chat together. That's all. But I feel that this "small" dream is hard to come true. how??? I don't want to cry on my birthday anymore because of loneliness. God, can you hear my thoughts??

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have plans for my birthday. But I couldn't find anyone to celebrate with me. T.T

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fated to be....

ANU sent me the offer letter on Friday and I just read it. Tears filled up my eyes unconciously. They told me I didn't get my first (and only) choice months ago. Now, they are offering me the course I want. I can't stop myself from scolding them bad words in the bottom of my heart. I've waited for so long and accepted Monash offer because I don't have other choice. You're telling me that I'm given a chance when I've paid 20k to Monash. Hilarious.

Fate. Yes, I believe in fate now. I'm fated to stay. I'm fated to be in bio field. I'm fated to be a nerdy pharmacist. Accept the facts and shed the tears off. Nothing can be changed now. I can't waste papa's money again. 20k isn't a small matter. Even if I can get refund, it won't be 100%. So, don't dream and face the fact rou!

Fate. Yes, things happened recently reminded me about your presence. I believed in you now. Won't be stubborn anymore. *dropping a tear with a smiley face* =')

Friday, January 8, 2010

I love comedy

Watched "OLD DOGS" with friends just now. It was really funny. Thumbs up for it. At least it did make me feel much better after laughing for 2 hours.

I missed the gathering in Midvalley today. =( I'm regret now. Blame myself. I should have save up some money for trips.

I have a big plan. Feel like going TAO on 18th. Yes, I'm giving out a BIG hint. I want to try that for a long time already. Will my dream come true??

Posing this short post at 2am. It's time to sleep. Gonna wake up a bit early tomorrow for breakfast. hehe.. No worries, it won't ruin my diet plan. Only TAO will. LOL

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is 1am now. I'm suppose to sleep according to my original plan. I need to take care of my eyes so that it is watery enough for me to put my contact lens in. I have 2 pairs of contact in my cupboard and I don't have chance to wear them. =(

I'm gaining weight after working for few days. That's too crazy. I ate a lot of snacks after they went back. I think I should stop that. But if there are dates for ice cream, I'll still go.. haha..

It's time to stop crapping here and go sleep. Goodnight!

PS: I think I should post some photos. This blog look so formal. LOL

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6th January 2010

Had breakfast with jess, keng and kok in flemington this morning. I was late AGAIN. This time isn't because of traffic jam or delayed by finding suitable clothes. I woke up late. =P Really sorry to my friends who waited for about 25 minutes. We discussed about KL trip for this weekend. But too bad, I couldn't make it in the end. Hope you guys enjoy the trip and help me to say "hi" to everyone there.

Around 10, I went to fetch serena, yeeling and their friend back home to work. I didn't join them today. No place for me to pack. So I helped them to print out the list and online. hehe. The line is super unstable today. Non-stop dc and tortoise speed. It really freaks me out. I have no idea how to complain now. "N" times of reports also couldn't solve the problem. Streamyx!!!

I start to countdown since monday. LOL. 11 days to go. I'm hunting for sth nice now. Any suggestion?

PS: I'm not going to ask you out. Unless you text or call me. I'm tired of being the one who always ask people.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My dear...

Dong is sick! T.T I don't know what happen to him. Even the vet can't give me an exact answer. I'm really worry about him. A serious diarrhea I think. But I can't explain about the blood. What happen?? Can someone tell me what's wrong?? I wish he will be fine tomorrow morning. He looks so weak today. =(

I love you~ Cure soon~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movies.. =)

I watched 2 movies today. hehe.. Went for Princess and the Frog alone in the evening. The cinema is so empty. I sat alone for the whole row. Less than 15 ppl watching that movie. I was afraid of ghost that particular time. I'm not joking. Lesson learnt. Should find someone to accompany for movie.

Overall,it is just a typical Disney cartoon. The prince and the princess live happily ever after. LOL. My original plan is Avatar. Due to my clumsiness and traffic jam in Tesco, I missed that movie. I reached cinema at 6.42pm whereas the movie starts at 6.15pm. T.T

After movie, went Old Town to meet up with the guys. I'm still the earliest and the only girl. =.=''' Then, we went for Sherlock Holmes. Oh gosh! He has the same look as what I've imagined for these years. It's really cool. Compare with Twilight movie, I prefer Sherlock Holmes. The Edward in my imagination is far more handsome than Robert.. =P ( Robert fans will slap me.. )
The movie is just too amazing. I think it will have part II coming up. I love you, Holmes.

I'll have to start working from tomorrow onwards.. If wanna ask me out, I'll be free at night. *winks* Goodnight people!

My happy mode is back!!! hehehe....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

why i'm so moody these days??

Went out for karaoke session this afternoon. I feel really sorry to ven and my cousin sister-pei xin. I reached there late and went back early. Spent less than 2 hour for a 3 hour karaoke session. =( My happy mood is gone because of that.

Since I won't easily give up on planning outings, I text people out for movie tomorrow. Credits to zhong yi who helped me to check the movie time. (I couldn't online in my shop) I wanna watch Avatar the most, but sadly, I always get disappointed answer. So, decided to watch Sherlock Holmes with the guys. I feel like want to watch the girlish movie, Princess and the Frog too. Found out it is still showing. =) Any volunteer to accompany me? Lolx.

PS: PEOPLE, PLEASE DON'T IGNORE ME~ T.T I'm so moody these days.. Where is my new year mood???