Monday, October 31, 2011

非死不可? =P

SORRY!! I said I'm gonna update "tomorrow" in my previous post and I've been missing in action for more than half a month. =P No other reason, but just L-A-Z-Y

It's exam period now. Last 4 papers for this year and I've done with a tough one this morning. 3 more to go and will be free after next Friday. =D To be honest, I'm not in study mood now and watching 3rd episodes of 康熙来了. "Drug"-free period??

I have a different feeling for this week. By having more quality time for myself instead of stalking people in facebook, I feel great. Yes, I know lesser about people's latest social updates. Less gossips. These seem like disadvantages but having more time to care about myself, the pros outweight the cons. Need to admit that I actually spent more time to disturb my family members, feel a little disappointed that not many people notice my absence in facebook and spent more time in twitter. XD


Time to get back to work! When will be my next post? I promise, SOON. haha.. Good luck for those having finals! I'll be back in Malaysia in 48 days! Yesssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Photos are magical.
That's the reason why I'm interested in photography.
Please just temporary forget about my poor skill and my long distance relationship with my baby. =P
Photos tell stories. Storage of memories, no doubt.
It tells me that it is important to enjoy every moment in life. Every second spent is precious because the same thing will never happen again.
100+ days away from home. 100+ days since you left.
Tears never fails to drop whenever I think about you. I'll be stronger, I promise. I'll smile, like how you always do. =)

*Chinese zodiac sign*

P/S: Having a quiz tomorrow, so I'll update my blog again tomorrow. Just a short post today to show that I'm still alive in Melbourne. haha...