Monday, June 25, 2012

Kitten, may you rest in peace

Kitten, I just met you. It wasn't a crazy experience, but your mom brought your life to a devil's hand. Less than an hour later, your life was ended by a cruel man. I hope you can rest in peace and enjoyed your 1 week life on earth. 

Readers, you must read this. This is not a story that I try to make up. I saw it happened in front of me.

I was in my dad's shop this afternoon and I saw the cat holding a kitten walking out of my shop. That cat was a new guest in my shop. She stayed in my shop for about one week or two and gave birth to a few kittens. I have no idea how many kittens are there, but according to my dad, she has 5 kittens, staying in my shop.

My family is not a big fan of cats. We prefer dogs over cats because cats are more self-centred and hard to control. When the cat first came into our shop, we tried to chase it away. But that time she was pregnant, we just let her to give birth in a safe place. My dad waited for her to enter the shop before he closes the door. He fed the cat. Dear cat, don't you think this is heaven compared to your previous life, being wild and hungry all the time?

Maybe the cat feels insecure. This afternoon, I saw her carrying her kitten in her mouth, walking out of the shop. She entered another shop, which she thinks that would be a safer place to keep her children. She carried the kitten one by one. We have no clue which shop she entered until we heard the owner of the shop talking about us and the cat. I felt that something bad is gonna happen to the cat because that guy X (owner of the shop) isn't a good man. 

And, my prediction came true. Guy X sprayed insecticide at the cat and kittens. Then, my dad saw guy X holding 2 kittens crossing the road. That time both of us were busy as there's customers in our shop. So, we did not see what he did to the kittens. When he left the shop, I went to across and try to look for the kittens. There's no sign of them. 

2 hours later, after a heavy rain, another shop's owner told my mom that guy X threw the kitten over the gate, which is quite tall. I was shocked, sad and angry about guy X. How can he do this to two 1-week-old kittens? They haven't get to open their eyes and look at this pretty world. He killed them. He killed them with his bloody dirty hand. He killed two kittens in front of his son. He killed two kittens, who can't fight for themselves. 

That kitten is as cute as this!!! ='(

Cruelty shouldn't exist. You love your life, so are the others. We are humans with brains and ability to think. We should use our ability to protect other creatures on earth and not killing them. 

Guy X killed the kittens in front of his son, what he taught his son? To be another brainless, cruel animal killer? If that kitten causes harm to guy X, I have nothing to say. Maybe he kills due to his anger, which is still excusable. Now, he is killing lives for no reason. I will not buy anything from him from today onward. I don't even want to see his face. What a shame.


Anonymous said...

Cruelty in life, sad that you learnt it in such a manner...

Renee said...

"If that kitten causes harm to guy X, I have nothing to say. Maybe he kills due to his anger, which is still excusable."

Your almost as bad as the guy for saying this... That is absolutely NOT excusable!! Killing an animal because it caused harm to you?? If somebody punches you are you going to kill them?

Anonymous said...

What sort of "shop" do you think the family runs?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whata sicko, how could he do that to 2 inisent little kittens especialy in front of his own son. He deserves for carma to come around and slap him in the face. Knowing someone has done that infront of his son makes it hard to sleep at night. I would have taken them in if it would stop guy X from killing them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Renee, this shit be immoral.