Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pretty random one

Hey people!
Week 2 is pretty "fun"!
I'm being flooded with assignments!
Time to work and really have to pay less attention to my bloggie this sem.
Drug Delivery is killing me! argh...
Physio is worse!
wish me luck people!
I'll try to update frequently.
I think I'll fb and tweet more.
I miss you!
I love you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yes! Both of them are back!

Hooray! My printer is back in function!
I went to Pyramid early in the morning with the big printer and my lappie.
Both of them are ill and I sent them for service.
Spent 140 bucks in that computer shop coz I bought a mouse and a pinkish lappie protection bag.
Mummy sounds worried when I told her that I went there all alone.
I actually told her that I'll find a friend with me if I were to bring both of them together.
Since I can carry them on my own, I just don't want to mafan others.
Don't worry Mummy! Everything will be fine.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Something I realised..

I believe,
Life can be easier if we work hard and pass through all the obstacles

I believe,
Friends are part of life.

I believe,
Different people have different thought.

I believe,
We have to get along with each other with an open heart.

I believe,
Family members will never forget your presence.

I believe,
Study is part of life. Enjoy the moment.

I believe,
Social life is important in uni. That's why I'm changing.

I believe,
Ignore someone who ignored you, is a fair deal.

So, I'm learning how to :


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, Sem 2 Started!

Sem 2 started officially on Monday, 19th July 2010.
No orientation anymore.
Free from boring speeches.
No campus tour.
No introduction.
Har! You think my sem 2 will be more relaxing than sem 1?
Lecturers flooded us with assignments on the 1st day.
When everyone is still having holiday mood and in the mood of gossip about the "new-born" love birds in our class, lecturers showed us the break down of our sem 1 exam and tell us how tough sem 2 will be.
Can you feel how stressed up am I on the first day itself?

Went for swimming to de-stress a bit. I've not been studying! Can't concentrate at all.
Looking forward for weekend. Sem 2 isn't fun at all.
I'm gonna bring my lappie for service as it keeps crashing down and I couldn't put any background image now.
Ok.. MUST STUDY NOW! I'm going to sleep in 1 hour time. XD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've been treating many people as VIP in my life.
But I'm nothing to them.
This isn't fair!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The last day of holiday

Result came out yesterday night.
I actually went to WES and clicked randomly after I read sharon's status.
The result popped out and I stunned for 10 seconds.
Go through the marks and grades.
"2 marks!!!!!!! " I screamed.
I got a D for PHS because of that bloody 2 marks. haiz... (stats stats stats...)
Most statisfied with my favourite subject. =)

New semester is starting next week!
I'm going back to Sunway tmr.
Can I stay for one more week??
I fall sick for the whole week and didn't hang out with friends.
That's not fair!!

Anyway, I start to miss my coursemates after not seeing them for a month.
I should socialize more. New goal for new sem. =D
I know I'm not good in that. I'm in the process of learning. =P

I bet I'll blog more when I reach hostel.
Baking cookies now. yeah. 2am. Craziest act.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vroom~ Vroom~

Adrenaline engine is starting. Vroom~ Vroom~
Errr... What to say?
Result is coming out this Friday, which is 2 days later.
I'm having sore throat and flu now.
Surprisingly, I developed rash yesterday. Not all over the body, but my face only.
It couldn't be adverse effect of medicine because I didn't take any.
It might be allergy to food. Seafood? Oh no.

After having dilemma about how to go back to Sunway for several days, Daddy said he will drive me back.
This is the first option and I tried not to bother Daddy as it is tiring to drive to and fro.
But, I have about 3 bags to carry back include my lappie.
They don't think I can carry back safely to hostel as those are pretty heavy.
So, I'm Daddy-Mummy little girl again.
Untill now, I went back KL ONCE on my own only for the whole semester.
Hmm.. I should learn how to pack things now. How to turn my 3 big bags into 2?
This is a tough task for me compared to statistics questions or physiology assignment.

Sem 2 is pretty hectic.
I can predict that from the timetable given.
I have the Psychology textbook! Finally, I can use it after keeping it in my cupboard for years.
Bad news is, I have the 14th edition but required text is 15th edition. =S

Planned to study. But spent all my time watching drama.
Ok, I forgive myself. Holiday is meant to be relaxing and not about burdening your brain.
In addition, I'm sick now. Better reason to rest and rest.

Friday has to be my lucky day. Please.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


All the teenagers are crazy about this movie-- Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
I'm not really into the movie series.
Went to watch that with Ven and sis just now.
Comment? Here it goes.

Robert Pattinson is not as handsome as the Edward Cullen in my mind.
Taylor Lautner? Erm.. At least he looks like the one I imagined. Extra bonus for his muscular body. lol.
Honestly, this movie is disappointing, except for the battle between the new bloods and Cullen family.
Maybe the people in the cinema make me feel bad about the movie altogether.
Shouting during kissing scene. Oh gosh! You never seen any kissing scene before?
Annoying ringtones. Don't you know you gotta change to silent mode in cinema? Common sense lar.
I shall say, I like twilight saga. But I prefer books.
Movie? Forget about it. I'm considering whether I should watch Breaking Dawn or not. Since it could be better. And I feel thankful for not watching Twilight or New Moon.
Enough complain about the movie. I guess Twilight fans are going to kill me if they read this. Who cares?
I prefer Charlisle Cullen in the movie.

Holiday ending? OH NO!

So, I have about 120 hours left for my days in Taiping before going back.
Spent most of my time eating, sleeping, drama-ing and meeting up with friends.
Apparently, I put on a lot of weight.
I shall go on diet before uni starts. I wish I can make it.
Seems like my body asked me to stop eating that much too.
I'm having sore throat now. Should I say this is the right timing to fall sick?
Oh, that sounds so wrong. I know.
What should I do for the remaining 120 hours?? Hmmm...

We went Lake Garden to have a random photoshoot. That was my idea. *evil laughing* They said we look like tourist. Who cares right? We never did that before.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



可惜我不太会表达 我自己

Awesome Y1S1 winter break(Part 6)

About 10 days later, uni will reopen.
Hectic life is approaching and I know I should enjoy my holiday to the fullest.
Went out to do rebonding this afternoon.
The hair stylist helped me to trim my split ends.
Thankfully I didn't ask her to trim my hair short as what I thought before.
Her skill wasn't that good as I expected. Relieve~ Phew...

Went butterworth with the family to do some shopping and for tom yam mee at raja uda last Sunday.
I miss tom yam mee for so much.
Although we waited for 2 hours, I feel it is worth while waiting. =)
I'm gonna go Penang island one day before I go back to uni.

Last Monday, met up with siew sean, jessica and yin shin for breakfast at OldTown.
Then, had dinner with family at a newly open Hong Kong style restaurant.
It was really nice and the food they served are special compared to other restaurant here.
Price are reasonable too.

Yesterday went out for movie--Triple Tap with Ken Leong and Gim Chee.
Only 3 of us watching that movie.
It was fun to watch movie without strangers.
You can comment loudly about the characters without disturb others.
Thats the benefit of watching movie in cinema in a small town.

I enjoyed my holidays. Didn't touch any books. Even I read magazine, I just flip through the photos. I like to take photos. I want a polaroid camera, it is just so cute.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Awesome Y1S1 winter break (Part 5)

Stayed at hostel for one night before I travelled back to taiping after Redang trip. Had dinner with Su Ann and Sinnah once we reached hostel. Finally I got the chance to clean my room and rearrange my messy table after the "War". I was so boring after all the packing and cleaning process. So, I sat down on my bed and started to call people. It is hard to find someone from my contact list to have a long chat. At last, I chose to call wj and we chatted until 1am. Gossip with guys is much easier than girls. Believe me. =P

The next day, I woke up around 8.30am. Get changed and walked to uni leisurely. Went to finance counter and asked for some details then 6th floor to see Ming to clarify something. Met Dr. Thet who looked more friendly and happier. Then, I walked to the used-to-be stressful library and fb for a while.

Before I start my journey back to hometown, I get the chance to meet up with James for brunch. Journey back home was smooth and safe. I was quite random that day. Talked with a stranger lady, who is a doctor. XD

Had karaoke session with the sweeties the next day. Although just 4 of us, it was still fun. =D
Khai ven having her convo this weekend! I'm so happy for you! *hugs*

Monday, July 5, 2010

Awesome Y1S1 winter break(Part 4)--Redang trip

So, the next day, we headed to Redang island. We took bus to jetty and then the so called ferry to the island. The deep blue ocean is really beautiful. It is really nice and clear. We even get the chance to see turtle. Amazed by the beauty of nature.

The island has really nice scenery. I wished I could stay there forever. It is like a heaven compared to the city. Stress? I think you will forget what is stress when you are there. The air was so refreshing and I enjoyed stepping on the cold and soft sand.

We played card games, had pillow talk, made fun of soft toys, did air-brush tattoo and etc.. All I can say is, it was really relaxing and fun . Enjoy the photos as I am lazy to describe d.. I wish I can go there again and looking forward for the next trip with my coursemates. =D REDANG ROCKS!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Awesome Y1S1 winter break (Part 3) --Redang trip

Thanks to Vincent and Zid, who organized this trip. It was really fun. I can't wait for the next trip with my lovely coursemates.

It was a 4D3N trip. We took morning bus to Kuala Terengganu on the first day. Reached there around 6pm. Checked in to the so called "hotel", which we need to climb up the staircase with our super heavy luggages. Anyway, the room was nice and much more comfortable compared to the Redang one.

After an hour of rest and some photo sessions, we went to China Town for dinner. I felt quite surprised with all the shops closed along the street. And we headed to a food court, which is quite similar to medan in sunway. But everyone complaint bout the taste. Too "healthy" with too little salt. haha. Mine was not that bad.

We went back to our room and bathed after dinner. There are 7 people in our room. So we watched tv and gossip while waiting for our turn. We slept early that night, around 12am as we took morning bus to jetty on the next day. I miss the bed in KT while I was in Redang. LOL

Enjoy the random photos below. Will continue with story-telling in my next post. Stay tuned. =D

After snorkelling.. I didn't join that time.. Camera-woman for this shot. =)
Playing board game in the boys' roomOn the boat heading to the SEA for snorkelling trip =DThe girls on the beach

With love,

Awesome Y1S1 winter break (Part 2)

PEOPLE! I'm back from Redang trip for 2 days. It was really fun and I fall in love with the blue sea, white sand and the cloudy sky. But I'll keep that for next post. I'm going to update about my holiday before I went Redang.

Basically, I spent my days watching drama--谈情说案 for the whole week as I mentioned in my last post. And this is time to upload the photos taken in TAO.

It is a Japanese buffet restaurant. You can order whatever you like. Eat all you can and just pay 50++ bucks. It is rather cheap if you eat shashimi. Too bad neither of us eat raw food. Wasted. >.< I booked the lounge area. But world cup spoilt the environment. Everyone was busy watching and NO MUSIC!! argh... The food was really nice. As you can see down here. You can't imagine how many plates we ate.. These are just a portion.. That's why I grow so much fatter during holidays..

TAO!! Finally I'm here after waiting for 1 year..OMG~ ignore me!! I'm so chubby now. and the worse part of this pic is, I actually wore the wrong shoes and walked into the restaurant.Black pepper Fried UdonScallops with cheese.(I forgotten the name)Tempura!!(My all time favourite XD)