Saturday, February 27, 2010

6th day in Sunway

I bought a skirt, a blouse, LAN cable and a pair of slippers just now. Did you feel weird? I bought 4 things after wandering around sunway pyramid for almost 7 hours! I tried really really hard to control myself from buying stuff. It is a tough process, especially for girls, i think.

I'm going to save money from monday onwards. Why not tomorrow?? Coz I'm going to Sunway Pyramid again tomorrow with janice and xuen. It will definitely be a nice outing. I miss them so much. I'll be taking my camera out tomorrow. Stay tuned for the photos. =) I'll try not to spend too much tomorrow as I'm officially broke now.

PS: I still need to figure out how to download my lecture notes as I couldn't open the page. Sigh...

Friday, February 26, 2010

all about camp

Hey! I'm back from Port Dickson yesterday. It was a fantastic camp and I really enjoyed it. Ok, I have to admit that I did sound glommy in my previous post when I get to know that I'm going for the transition camp. But, after joining it and meeting all the lovely people, I've totally changed my point of view. =P Anyway, I'm suffering now because of my tan skin, pimples, painful muscles and fat accumulated. No regret. haha..

Alright, I'll describe briefly about what I've done in PD for 3D2N. We had 5 meals per day! It is horrible right? That's why I'm growing fatter. Sigh.. The food were awesome, except the very diluted drinks provided. Apart from this, the room provided was really nice. The toilet was about the size of my current hostel room. Cool right?? The activities were meaningful as well. Briefing sessions, games and jungle trekking were carried out smoothly and I did get lots of experience from it. Oh ya, not to forget to mention about the awesome people. I've make lots of new friends there and they are really friendly. The seniors treat us very nicely and helpful as well. Pharmacy students rock!!

After the transition camp, I did my laundry and slept for 12 hours yesterday. haha. I think my roommate will think that I'm a PIGGY. I'll be going to sunway pyramid with yee hooi and one of her pcl fren later. Tmr will be meeting janice and xuen! I want my first weekend in sunway to be an awesome one. XD

Take care everyone. Stay tuned.

With love,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I couldn't imagine that!!!

I've to attend a 3 days camp in PORT DICKSON for my orientation!!!
The weather is so hot these days and I've to go camping on a beach... T.T
I don't wanna get sun burn, pimples and become darker..
I need to get myself sunglasses, umbrella, cap, long sleeve and everything that can protect my skin from the sun.
Why only pharmacy and medicine students have to attend this camp.....
I know it is a good activity... Accommodation, transport and meals are prepared.. I think they are FOC.. Nice treat right?? It will be better if it is not in PORT DICKSON but in TAMAN NEGARA or any jungle.. >.<
okok.. i'll try to calm myself now.. Look for the advantages and forget bout the bad things... As what kee jin said, maybe I can meet some leng chai there.. LOL
haizz.. honestly, few minutes ago, i'm still in CNY mood... After viewing that email, everything is gone.. I've less than 1 day to prepare stuff for a 3 days camp... gosh...
OK.. I have to off now.. wake up early and do my shopping is the most essential thing..
I still have many things to tell you all.. So, stay tuned.. I'll try to find some time to update it asap.. =) Goodnight everyone and happy chinese new year!!(i'm late.. =P)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some words for someone

When the heart bleeds
It needs time to cure
Maybe the scar won't be obvious
But it still hurts sometimes
Tears dropped on the pyjamas will take hours to dry
When the heart broken, it takes years to cure

Yes, I'm being hurt
Not family problem, not relationship problem(because i dont have any though)
Everything is done
Sorry won't cure the pain
Being forgotten by people is hurtful

Yes, I'm talking to you
Don't ever forget me. =)
If you do,
you are a devil to me.