Thursday, December 30, 2010

A post before the tearful summary

Last day of 2010!!
I just realized that today will be the last day of my fruitful year.
Reading other's blog post about what they did throughout 2010, I'm gonna be a copy cat soon.. (means next post! hehe..)
Planning something for new year eve but nothing comes to my mind.
I think I'll just call a few friends out to have a nice dinner.
Honestly, I wanted to go for countdown party but I just couldn't stand loud music and crowds. Want me to "enjoy" my first hour of 2011 with stinky bodies around me? NO WAY!!
So, stay tuned for my summary of 2010 as well as new year eve celebration ( if there is any =P)
Love you guys!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matang trip and Christmas party

Hey readers! How's your Christmas holiday?
Well, I have an amazing one this year!
A very special Christmas eve and a simple party on Christmas night. =)
Let's start with Christmas eve.

Had breakfast with friends before our trip to Matang.
All of us haven't been there for quite a long time. I'm grateful to be invited to join this special and memorable trip. =D
Jun and me drove to Matang, which is like 30 minutes from Taiping.
For your information, Matang is a small, historical town. It is famous with seafood and historical tourist spots. If you wanna take a look at Kuala Sepetang, it is just 5 minutes from Matang. According to relatives and friends, Kuala Sepetang got lots of nice food, such as seafood, curry mee and pau. I've never been there. So, I should explore Kuala Sepetang one day. hehe..
We reached there in the noon, around 11.45am. Our very first spot was the mangrove swamp.
Do you still remember? We learnt about mangrove trees/swamp in our SPM biology. Here, you get to see the actual tree and shout out loud with "Oh! I saw this before in the book! Oh~ this is how pneumatophores look like". You will never shout like what I did when I was there for the first time? Let's bet ok? You will at least shout quietly in your heart. XD

Us in front of the mangrove tree. It seems like the oldest among all.

After about an hour, we finished our walk in the mangrove swamp. Let me clarify something. There is a bridge for us to walk around. You will die or got trapped if you try to walk on the ground. haha...

Next spot: charcoal factory

We went there randomly. So, we explored the factory on our own. They used the mangrove tree trunk to make charcoal. It's a big factory and you get to see lots of igloo-like thing (sorry, I don't know what that called), which is used to burn the wood.
After that, we went to eat seafood porridge as lunch. One of the must-eat food. =) Wanted to go museum and lake garden for photoshoot. Too bad the heavy rain spoilt our plan. Ended up go home after a small chat at lake garden (...and sleep soundly like a pig?? no way!! I went out at night for jiji's bday celebration. =D)

On Christmas day, I worked for few hours before I start to prepare for the party. Packed like 4 hampers and started to cook d. Basically, I'm in charge of frying nuggets, sausages and french fries. Mom cooked the others (just to make sure all my friends won't vomit with my cookings. haha..)

Party should start at 7pm. I know my friends well. All of them reached around 8pm. Of course, some came early too. ^^ Just a "party" for chit-chat and games. Took a few pics with my baby polaroid.
Group pic! Some of them went back early. But obviously, there are more guys than girls. I was the only girl in the party before 8.30pm. Is it that I need to catch up with more girls or guys are just too supportive? LOL..

The family pic without zy, the dai lou.. This pic is just too cute with the bears! haha..

Much more to blog about the day but I'm lazy d. It's just a summary of my Christmas. New year celebration will be much boring I guess.

Signing off. Take care peeps! I miss you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Penang trip

A very random trip to Penang in the afternoon. =)
Went with sis to shop for new year clothes.
Finally, I stepped into Gurney Plaza after one year! hohoho...
It rained like crazy on the way back.
I gotta admit that I was a bit panic that time with my sis sleeped soundly beside me. LOL
Let the photos tell the story lar.. 5 hours trip was awesome! XD

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Anyong-haseyo!!! Dear readers!! I'm back from Korea Trip. =D
It was a very memorable, exciting and freezing trip.
Been to Seoul, Jeju, Nami Island, etc...
Too bad that it was raining when we were in Jeju. Missed out so many nice scenery.
Anyway, we managed to see and play with snow. Hehe.. Ok, I gotta admit that I shouted like a kampung girl when I first touch the snowflake. LOL

I love all the food being served there. Steamboat and BBQ for almost every meal. Thumbs up! Kimchi, which is used to be my favourite, is being abandoned after seeing all other delicious dishes. Usually, seafood or mushrooms are our main course. Oh, not to forget, most of the food we took are pork, pork and pork. That makes us miss chicken so much! haha.. But they did let us try Ginseng chicken noodles soup.

I love that country! People there are friendly and you don't have to worry too much of snatch theif or whatsoever. Just walk like normal and enjoy the scenery. The christmas decoration there is just too awesome for me. Every single main street is being decorated. Their LED is just way too nice. Even our tour bus got very nice lighting.

Ok, share you guys some photos taken during the trip. More photos will be uploaded in facebook. =) Hope you all enjoy viewing the "bak-zhang" look of mine. haha...

Friday, December 10, 2010


Will be away for a week!
Stay tuned for updates!!
Hope I'll be able to online and update during the trip! =)
Don't miss me ya! Can leave me fb msg or email me if you really can't stop missing me. haha..




Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having toothache since this evening.
Duh... Why at this time?
Anyway, I have dentist-phobia.. not gonna see dentist so soon..
Hope it will be fine during trip. 2 more days!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Haven't been talk to you individually for such a long time. I'm waiting for a call.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3rd week

Hey dear! How's life?
It's the 3rd week for my break.
2 months plus to go and I'm thinking of doing or learning something new. Hmm.. what can I do with 2 trips coming up? Where am I going? Just stay tuned. XD
Result was being announced last night. It totally upset me, for a while. For being stupid, I cried out loud right after I finish reading my scores. Twice in a row and I got swollen eyes (According to my family members). Chat with my "men" for about 2 hours and I got better. Thanks for the support. I love you guys.

P/S:Should read some books instead of watching drama all day long.