Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Think differently!

Started to read articles about financing and came across with Warren Buffett's quotes. Good things are suppose to be share and hence I've decided to share the quotes HERE with my family, friends and readers!

Quotes that are short, but trigger people, at least myself, to learn.

-->  "Rule No. 1: Don't lose money. Rule No. 2: Don't forget Rule No.1"

--> "You don't have to be a genius to invest well. But, master the theories"

Asking a science student to deal with figures. It is a bit tough for me as I can confuse with credit debit, not to say ROI and Value investing. Time to read and learn something new!! =D

Saturday, November 15, 2014

新歌心情:时不知归 (周传雄)

朋友大大力推荐了周传雄的新歌 -- 时不知归。要去搜索这首歌时,并没有什么期待的心情。反之在这种情况之下,这首歌吸引了我。歌词的甜度,是像水果般的甜,需要咬下去才感受得到的。(有些歌词会浅白地表达甜度,反而容易一下子就听腻了)



詞:陳信榮 曲:周傳雄 導演:山畝

因為有你 所以願意
牽引心靈 來到這裡
豐沛的感情 串連著兩顆心
這個世界 喜樂平靜

因為有你 是背後的堡壘
你的寬容 樸素優美 
執子之手 無怨無悔

愛時不知歸 淪陷在你眼眸裡
複雜的遊戲 我用簡單的心情

愛時不知歸 淪陷在你臂彎裡
洄游的雨季 我有迷路的勇氣 

Monday, November 10, 2014

For my lost

A day to remember --- I lost my purse for the first time of my life.
It was my graduation gift from mom. Pretty sad thinking about it. It is just 6 months old. Oh dear, what happened actually? I have no idea where I lost it.

After today's incident, I realized how important is my purse to me. It seems to represent my life. A stage of life. Losing it makes me feel like I should start a new life, perhaps.

I should work harder for my dream.
I should treasure every moment from now.
I'm grateful with what I have in my life.
I've learnt that losing someone in life is an essential path of life.
Grab things that you want and never let go. That includes happiness and dream.
Presents get lesser as you grow older but they become more meaningful.

Random thoughts..... Haha... Mind not functioning well.
Oh well, I'm mourning for my lost tonight. I will miss you.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Forensic exam!!!

Having a great housemate is awesome! 
You know who you are. Never fail to enlighten my gloomy days.
Thanks for the gift! I'm energetic to study tonight! 
Forensic exam! See you tomorrow for the first and last time.

Thursday, November 6, 2014