Thursday, August 18, 2011


Not in the mood of reading. So, I'm here to update about FOOD!

The photo below shows what I usually hunt for when I crave for fish.
Yes, that's Fish & Chips. I had grilled fish with chips few weeks back. Apart from the Sze Chuan dinner I had with friends, which they ordered a big bowl of chillies with fish, I normally eat fish with CHIPS! Unhealthy way to eat fish. I always miss home-cook steamed fish. Not forget to mention about prawns, which is one of my favourite. I didn't have that since the day I reach Melbourne, not even a shrimp. =(

Besides fish, I would like to share about macadamia nuts. I saw a few stalls selling macadamia nuts in Queen Victoria Market on the first week. So, I was tempted to buy them. During my second visit to the market, I bought 2 packets of macadamia nuts, natural and honey-coated. They are sweet and crunchy. So, I took them with my dinner usually and finished them within 2-3 weeks. XD Guilty much. But they are really nice! I'll buy some back, I think.

So now, it's time to show you what food I consumed the most. The first one will be....... BREAD!!!

I take bread for breakfast and lunch, USUALLY. Save money? I hope it helps. =) Coz I've booked my flight to Gold Coast and Tasmania, and will definitely need to go Sydney. But I like bread. So, no harm doing so. haha! Now I understand Teck Yuen's feeling. It isn't that sad as I thought. (whoever read this please pass this sentence to him. hehe.. )

Oats! Yeah, that's my breakfast since the 2nd week. Enjoy consuming it plain and sometimes with milk. A bowl of warm oat in the morning makes my day. It helps a lot to stop me from shivering in the morning. =D I miss daddy whenever I take oats.

Monday, August 15, 2011

MId August Update 2011

Just realized that I had bandoned this little corner of mine for such a long time. =P

I had been in Melbourne for the one month plus. That's fast! Had been busy going around and of course, spent a lot. As you noticed, I had put on weight and I still eat a lot. Guilty much.

Usually, I'll stay back in library and study during weekdays and won't touch on books during weekends. My pre-reading process is gonna come to an end. VERY SOON. =( unproductive over here and I have plenty of reasons to slack. Whoever reads this, please motivate me to study. Thank you. =D

I had been to 2 tours since the last post. I went to Ballarat, to see this very traditional little village and get to visit the gold mine. A very new experience and nice sight-seeing spot. Then, last Saturday, I went for Great Ocean Road Trip. The view there was nice and we had Fish & Chips outdoor. Sea view with food was really enjoying. It would be nicer with shorts and flip flops. XD

Just spending some time here to wait for my food to digest. Had a very huge Souvlaki as late dinner aka supper for me just now. Oh yeah, I went for this free 3D movie screening. And the 3D effect here is much better than the one back in Malaysia. That documentary was quite stunning also. I had a looonnnggg day. Happy internally. =D

So yeah, enjoy the photos and I'll update as soon as possible. @ Albert Park, playing with the swans
@ Ballarat with the lady at candle shop
12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road