Saturday, November 27, 2010


Been home for a few days d. Spent most of the time sleeping and drama-ing. Rubbish-holiday lifestyle.

A super duper long holiday for me again. Last year, I had 8 months break. This year, another 3 months. Don't be jealous. It isn't fun at all. Let's see what I will do for this coming 3 months.

After my finals, I went to Genting as I mentioned in my last post. Went to Pavillion, Fahrenheit 88, Midvalley, SS15 and of course Sunway Pyramid with my loves after Genting. Other than outing, we had nice talk back in hostel too. Girls talk for the first night till 5.30am and movie + chor dai dee night at the guys unit till 5.00am the next day. I'm still trying to change back my biological clock and heal my horrible eye bags.

I'm lucky enough to be able to join syn's and yen yee's birthday celebration at One Utama before I leave. Su ann and xin ling accompanied me back hostel right after the celebration while others went for movie and shopping(?). I almost cried out but su ann and xin ling stopped me. =) Thanks! I just can't stop feeling depressed when I need to say "see you next year!". We will meet soon. We will. Maybe some day during this summer break.

Take care mates! Keep in touch! Call me anytime you want if you do miss me. =)

P/S: sorry laikee babe! I'm back in taiping d. Didn't get to meet up with u after my finals. So sorry dear!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monash BPharm Year 1 Genting trip

Went to Genting with the beloved the day after our last paper, which is 17th Nov 2010 - 18th Nov 2010.

It was a great trip although we were separated into groups. It is hard for 34 people to walk together anyway. Relaxing trip. And our relationships become much closer. Trips are meant to build bondings.

Didn't sleep for the whole night and I'm still blogging now. XD We played games in the guys' room. I watched them play most of the time but still laugh like crazy. I just love to be with them. The greatest coursemates ever!

Uploading photos now... Due to limited time and energy, we didn't snap much photos. Nevermind.. We still have uncountable trips on-coming.

The only polaroid photo taken. This is epic!
Qing Yu, me and Yen Yee =)
This is just about 50% of the total number. Imagine how big is our group! XD

More photos can be found in fb. I'm tired now. Gonna sleep like a pig and wake up NATURALLY! hahaha.. nitez peeps!! LOVE YA ALL!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

come on!

It's so hard for me to concentrate!
Honestly, I don't have much exam mood.
Have been living like a zombie past few days.
Study, eat, study, eat, study, sleep.
I'm glad that I have friends around me.
And feel thankful for being allowed to disturb ppl.
5 more days to go!!
Good luck people! We can do it!!

P/S: Sis is coming next Friday. I need to tag her along everywhere. I hope my friends won't dump me because of that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I shall survive!

One more week to go and I'm done with sem 2!
Psychology and Physiology are the killers and I'm preparing my army now.
Being quite productive these few days as I have people to watch me. =) Feel so thankful!
Yes, I'm acting like a kid. blekzz..
I have no idea why I'm doing all these.
I'm pretending like a little sis now. keep texting my sis to disturb her with all those retarded questions..
It's my sis who ask me to go study recently, which sounds so wrong. That's what I did for the past few years!! haha..
Anyway, I'm going to break my promise for myself tmr. Heading to Pyramid for lunch. XD I want a break from all these crazy facts.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's November. =)

Sorry! I have been MIA for quite a long time. 6 weeks! I can't believe I did that to this sweet little corner. Reason? Ok, I admit that I tweet a lot these days. XD

It's November! 10+ days to finish my finals. 2 more killers and I'm done with my year 1 sem 2. Time flies. Homesick during exam period like last sem? NO! Stressed up like last sem? NO! That's a good news. =)

I'll blog randomly this time. Just some captions for the photos to describe how awesome is my life in sunway. haha.

One day, I logged in fb and found out that ying changed her profile picture to the one we took together during halloween'09. Out of sudden, I miss them so much! I miss Penang and Kang Har Tong. (laikee babe, please believe me that i really miss that place we used to complain. XD) After a few comments, xuen changed her profile pic to let me miss her too. LOL. So, I gonna do sth to show them how much i miss them. A simple one for Chou Pi Jiangsss:

They made my day!

I went to Putrajaya Botanical Garden for yoga retreat. Ermm... It has been ages.. The park is nice! It reminded me about Taiping Lake Garden. Of course, this park is 100X much nicer.

Then, we had birthday celebration for James, Amelia and Vincent at TGIF.

And part of my polaroid collection for that day.

Surprise party for James at hostel.
Top: the making of birthday card in study room
Bottom: Group photo in James' unit.
I feel so guilty after writing such a long one. I need to study my psychology now. I hope I won't sleep so easily tonight. XD Bye peeps! I'll update as soon as I can. After finals I'll be pretty busy with trips! muahaha.. Genting, KL, Malacca(maybe) and Korea!! What else? Stay tuned!

PS: follow me in twitter lar. I almost update every few hours. Good luck for finals!! I love you all.