Friday, May 20, 2011


It's 21st May and I'm glad I can still blog at this moment.
I really think that we have to express our love, care and feeling anytime, anywhere to the right person, at the right timing.
Never wait until the day before judgement day and start to panic.

I just wanna say, I LOVE YOU to everyone who reads this post.
I love you. Coz you're being so kind to keep track with my blog updates...
I love you. Coz you aregiving me power to keep blogging and really thank you for reading...
I love you. Coz you make the effort to understand me by reading this blog...

If you are just a stranger or random reader, I love you because you spent your every precious minutes on judgement day to read this.
If you are my friends, I love you more coz you participate in my life and make me a cheerful person.
If you are my family members, I love you more than anyone else with unexplainable reasons.

Thanks for reading and PRAY HARD!! *close your eyes, and pray*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

NON-princess diary

The story started 1.5 days ago when I found that I've lost my favourite pen's cover........

I was studying that time, jotting down notes, as usual.
Interestingly, I noticed that the cover was not with the pen and I started to look up and down of my study desk. I even went out to the living room and kitchen to check.
===========> RESULT: I lost the cover =(

Was very upset yesterday as well.
Replaced the cover with a random pen cover, which does not fit at all.
Tried to finish the ink asap(its a gel ink pen by the way) by copying textbook before it dries up.
So, I studied until 2am and there is still quite an amount of ink. Gave up and went to sleep.
Lied down on the bed and kept turning left-right-left-right.
Argh!! It's caffeine! Had too much tea throughout the day (pearl milk tea + green tea).
Surprisingly, I touched something under my pillow.
It's a small object. *Smile* PEN COVER!!
Gosh, I slept with it the previous night without realizing it's presence.
This reminds me of the story "The princess and the pea".
The princess can feel the presence of the pe
a under so many mattresses.
I can't even feel one pen cover under a flat pillow!!!!
=================> Conclusion: I am not a princess =(

It's kinda sad as I couldn't be like her. *crying over broken dream*

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A day before friday the 13th

Have been really busy this week.
Busy searching for accommodation.
Sent lots of emails to different agents and hope for good news.
Sadly, only a few replied and only bad news were given.
It is either they have 12-24 months lease or need legal inspection.
Need some luck!!!
Really wish to get a nice place with reasonable price (can't afford expensive one as I'm not being sponsored. =( )
I have another problem too. Need to find a tenant to replace my place over here.
Gosh! I need a break.

While emo-ing over accommodation problem, I have to deal with tests and assignment.
Finals is just less than one month away ( and NO revision is being done! G-R-E-A-T!!)

Angel: You really need to focus on books.
Devil: You should watch a nice movie


Monday, May 9, 2011

Google NOW!!

Open google and SMILE!!!
The design of the homepage of GOOGLE is always attractive, especially during special events.
And today, it reminds me about my Pre-U life, where everyone is fascinated over the cartoon tee.
Sharing some logos of Google with cute design. There, it clears your MONDAY BLUE~~ =D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quotes sharing!

Feel a little bored with revision. So, I googled some nice quotes and would like to share a few here.
Yeah, life is full of failure. Learn from it and you'll be successful one day.

This is a must-share quote. I remember a text with similar meaning years ago from a friend. From that day onwards, I call him-- star. hmm.. so i'm calling you "good friend" in a special way.

And this!!! After reading so many pharmaceutical care notes, I know it is important to be non-judgement, especially when you are talking with others. And this quote shows the reason behind. =)

Ending this post with a quote that tell you who you should love and appreciate. Enjoy reading and thinking! Have a nice weekend.

Monday, May 2, 2011

You are beautiful

If you were given a chance, will you go for PLASTIC SURGERY?
I'm sure this idea came across your mind when you meet someone charming, gorgeous and hot.

Unless, you are as confident as Keri Hilton, singing "Don't hate me coz I'm beautiful~" whole day long.


You are as pretty as her...

Don't have to deny if you really have this thought. It's pretty to normal. Although this sounds a bit sad for our parents who give birth to us.

However, not everyone who has the thought of going for plastic surgery will really do it. I would say, those who went are really brave. Can you imagine yourself being poked by all the needles and the plastic surgeon will cut all your skin, tissues, muscles and/or cartilages to turn your original "unsatisfied" face to a stunning one.


There's no way I'll go and hurt myself just to entertain/fascinate the people around you. Of course, plastic surgery is fine for those who had an accident or totally cannot tolerate with their appearance and have the tendency to develop some psychological disorders.

Like what Bruno Mars said, "you are amazing, just the way you are"
Everyone is pretty/handsome to their parents and themselves.
It's the people around that lower one's self-esteem.
If you love yourself, why bother about other's comment?

Tell yourself this everyday in front of the mirror if you have the thought of going for plastic surgery:

This applies to guys also. Just tell your image, "You are smart, handsome and charming!"

Build up confident and you'll look great.

Yeah, so this is the movie that inspire me to come out with this post. It's hilarious and the main character, Danny, is a plastic surgeon. Please watch and see how the failure "products" look like. You will stop your thought for plastic surgery, at least for 1 hour.

Sharing another song before I leave: