Friday, June 1, 2012

What you say about breakfast?

Good Morning people!
Taken your breaky? I would like to share some of my favourite with you here. =D

It is kind of a Malaysian culture to have heavy breakfast. Some rice or noodles or just stuff yourself with lots of meat. No joke, look at this!

 Wan Tan Mee with my favourite char siew
(I still remember we'll always order, "uncle, give me one plate of wan tan mee, 'black-er' please". Haha!)

Nasi Lemak!!! See? We have rice for breakfast. Proper meal. =D
 See, I'm not joking about stuff yourself early morning with meats. Can you resist dim sum??
Forget about the steamed ones, at least they are still kinda healthy, but look at the fried ones. Heaps of them and I don't think many people will say no when the people pushing them in front of you. Nom Nom...

Alright, I'm hungry now. I'm typing this in the middle of the night, with my stomach growling very loudly. Let's continue with more tempting photos!!! C'mon!!

If you want something 'western' and we are talking about breakfast now, what comes into your mind? I bet you are thinking of this--Egg on toast *slurpsss*

 Or you want a bigger portion?
Hmmm...... What about a sub from SUBWAY??? They have nice breakfast set and the sub is different from normal time. Scrambled eggs is always my choice. They serve with coffee/tea, which just make your breakfast complete. A good way to kick start the day. =)

 You can consider McD too. They have cheap and nice breakfast sets. Muffins are nice too. =) Talking about McD breakfast set, I shall mention about their hashbrowns. One of my friend was craving for it the other day and a japanese buffet couldn't stop him from thinking about hashbrown. Awesome right? haha...

Time to show you my favourite! I will be happy for the whole day, with a sip of iced Milo. I'm not telling lies. They are just heavenly good, especially when you get it from a stall who can mix your favourite portion of sugar, milk and milo. This reminds me of last year. My friend makes me a very nice cup of hot milo. So memorable. =P

What to eat with Iced Milo? I would recommend Roti Canai! Yes, I'm a typical Malaysian.
That's the best combination-- roti canai + milo. You can have it for breakfast or supper at mamak stall.

I'm craving for a set of big breakfast now. The one my uncle made for me when I was in Sydney last year. Awww...... I want mushrooms, baked beans......

Hahaha... I'm making you hungry. Go grab some food now! =P
It's my study period and my entertainments are food, blog and facebook.
Have a nice weekend!!!

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