Friday, April 30, 2010

Karaoke + Shopping

Yeah!! I love my post-MCQ test life.. =)

Finally get to go for karaoke after living here for 2 months. RED BOX!!
We went there after 10-12pm lectures. Had lunch in McD first then headed to red box. We divided into 3 groups. 1 group went to amp square after having lunch in pasta zanmai, and 2 groups went to red box after McD. We were separated into two rooms in red box. Coz we don't wanna fight for mics.. LOL..

Here goes the only group photo I've in my camera.
Although we picked a lot of sentimental songs and just a few party-kind one, my voice box still hurt after the session.. Hmm... Since practice makes perfect, I think I should go more often to train up my voice.. haha..

chloe looks really cute in this pic.. XD
ching yee and me..

After karaoke, ching yee and me went to have dinner at a taiwan restaurant in asian avenue. First time trying 鲁肉饭. Hmm.. Not bad.. Just that it is a bit too oily.. The original bubble tea tastes nice too. But I prefer passion fruit flavour. My all time favourite.

Next, we went to shop around. I was hunting for a pair of jeans, watch, bag and some nice shirts. Sadly, I just managed to find a pair of jeans after shopping for few hours. I tried a few in MNG, Cotton-on, Edwin and also Levi's. Ended up buying a very light and comfortable one in Forever 21. Levi's one looks nice. But I don't know which one to choose. I have problem in choosing stuff seriously.

After buying in Forever 21, we rushed to sunway hotel to wait for shuttle bus. When we stepped on the bus, the driver told us that shuttle service for yesterday extended until 12.30am. We were surprised and ran down the bus immediately. Ching yee headed to padini to find some clothes and I rushed to converse to look for a bag and look around for watch. I didn't buy any of them becoz I can't make decision in less than 30 minutes time. And now, after 12 hours, I still don't know whether to buy them or not.

I actually consider for that Converse bag for a few times d. The problem is, it is green in colour. I used to be "pantang" of green coz everytime I have accident, I'm wearing a green shirt. Hmm... Should I buy that green bag??

Forget about the watch. I don't know which one to choose. It's case is more complicated than the bag one.

"Told you not to go shopping.. Always end up buying nothing and have lots of thing to consider" Angel side is scolding Devil side

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tmr will be the day..

I...... I...... I skipped one lecture today.. *guilty*
It was a lecture, which the professor said will be kind of like tutorial, Q & A session..
The supposed to be statistic lecture becomes statistic tutorial..
I haven't read through anything about stats due to physiology MCQ test..
Since I have no question for him, hence, I came back to hostel after having lunch with CY at white.
Honestly, I'm extremely tired today. My eyes couldn't open wide for more than one hour.
I studied lecture notes for a while, facebook a while, search for promotion a while and then fainted on my bed at 5.40pm.. This is how I react when I'm too stress up.. Couldn't study much and end up slacking..
Woke up after 45 minutes nap and watched youtube and had dinner till now(8.00pm)..
OH, I skipped yoga class as well.. Coz i think i'll sleep or faint during yoga.. LOL
Ok, shall back to work now.. Less than 12 hours for me to study for my test..
Praying hard so that easy questions will come out.. My lovely lecturers, please make my life easy..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brain cells vs neurons.

I'm going to die if I continue reading nervous system. I studied the same chapter for 3 days continuously. Day and night. Before that, I did my physiology assignment which is related to nerves as well. Oh gosh. I regret. Shouldn't choose Parkinson's topic. Deal with nerves and neurotransmitters for 2 months isnt something fun. Imagination consumes a lot of energy and a large amount of my brain cells die off because of that.. Sigh.. No matter how, i still gonna clarify with nervous system chapter before thursday's MCQ test.. SAY NO TO NERVOUS SYSTEM FOR 12 hours.. My brain needs some other interesting topic..

Monday, April 26, 2010

printer vs notes

My printer is dead and the lecturers keep on uploading new lecture notes.. WHY DON'T YOU ALL UPLOAD BEFORE MY PRINTER DIES OFF?? T.T Gonna print them in uni d.. Sigh.. Have to spare some money for printing..

MCQ test on thursday and my classmates plan to go cheong k tmr.. I was thinking whether go or not to go for the past few days.. I'm still in dilemma now actually.. but 90% not going coz I'll definitely feel guilty if i go and didn't do well for the 10% test.. 10% wei... that's a lot man.. Praying hard so that I could finish most of them by tonight... =)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 more weeks!!

Hey!! It's saturday AGAIN!! Time flies~ Week 8 is coming, which means I'll finish my sem 1 in 5 weeks time and gonna sit for finals.. I don't know whether I should scream with joy or start to tear.. Anyway, I appreciate and enjoy every moment here.

I've something to talk about yesterday. I went to Pyramid to do some grocery shopping and for dinner with Ching Yee. Mummy wondered why I gonna go Pyramid once every week. Hmm.. I told her that's my part of my weekly routine.. LOL I bought oats, papaya, cereal(yes, i finished most of my cereals d, which is like 3 boxes?) and biscuits(1 tin + 2 boxes) in Jusco.. OK, i gonna tell you guys that I used to eat cereals and biscuits as breakfast and lunch/dinner.. Don't think I've dinosaur tummy which can fit in so much things bcoz i'm fat.. XD

We went to a korean stall to have dinner.. Kimchi there was just ok compared to the one i took in Jusco BM.. We shared SHILIN XXL fried chicken after the meal.. FULL~ *burps* I felt extra full coz I bought a bottle of soya..(i couldnt stand the little spiciness of kimchi.. embarrassing..)

After dinner, while we were walking towards the liftd, I played with the "drum machine"(i dunno whats the name of that game).. I played NOOB-ly but I felt really relax after playing.. ^^

THAT WAS ALL ABOUT MY AWESOME FRIDAY..(suppose to go for badminton actually, but due to my muscle-ache, i chose to go shopping instead.. =D)

This morning, I planned to go swimming.. But I woke up quite late and I saw ppl training down there.. So, I ended up cooking in the kitchen for lunch.. I boiled vege soup with hot dogs.. I threw tomatoes, vege, potatoes, carrot and hot dogs inside.. It tastes like a vege soup mummy cooked according to internet recipe.. I swear I won't drink the soup alone for lunch/dinner anymore.. I crave for food 2 hours after meal..
This is how the soup looks like.. (NOTE: I didn't add anything to the water, not even salt)

After dinner, I felt sleepy.. Then my eyes started to fill up with tears.. (not crying) I can feel the heat coming out of my body.. I think I'm going to fall sick soon.. Hmm.. Gonna drink more water to prevent it.. PITY MY KIDNEYS, gonna work extra d.. LOL

I've a pimple growing inside my nose.. It makes my face numb.. Grr.. I HATE PIMPLES!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantastic Four(4)

Suppose to post this on Thursday.. But I just have NO TIME to blog coz I'm addicted to TVB drama again.. LOL

OK, Thursday was fantastic to me.. Class started at 12pm so I have pretty much time to slack in hostel.. Anyway, I woke up as early as usual--7.15am.. I wonder why I just couldn't sleep later than that during weekdays.. Is it due to stress??

Did some post-readings for lectures and watched drama while having breakfast as well as lunch.. I cooked myself some porridge with corns.. Suppose to cook them separately.. But due to my laziness, I throw everything inside the rice cooker.. LOL.. Ended up having sticky porridge on my lovely corns..

I know it looks funny.. XD

After cleaning, it was already 11.30am.. I quickly packed and headed to uni with lappie with me.. Duh.. My lappie is too HEAVY.. I had backache that night..

Had an appointment with Miss Carole during lunch time.. She was such a kind person.. Sacrificed her lunch for my assignments.. <3 <3 I felt relieved and relaxed after that session coz I just need to correct my grammar errors and can hand in my assignments d. I learnt something new during that session too. =)

Submitted my PHS assignment after correction in computer lab. By that time, all my friends already submitted all their assignments and left d.. I do feel sorry to myself coz I should have done it earlier.. SAY NO TO PROCRASTINATION NEXT TIME..

I forgotten what I took for dinner.. Guess I took some oats with biscuits or coleslaw with biscuits.. OMG.. what happen to my memory?? OK, I have to admit that I'm old.. 20 is approaching me.. T.TMy eyebags are getting worse.. becomes uglier d..(previously was just ugly) @@ mou ngan tai..

I think you feel weird by now.. Why I said Thursday was fantastic while my descriptions were like so DAILY-LIFE ROUTINE.. OK, please scroll up and notice the bold-ed sentence.. Thursday was the only day in Week 7, which I can go uni by 11.45am.. For mon, tues, wed and fri, class starts at 9am.. Feel the difference?? LOL..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 down more to go

2 assignments due tmr.. I've sent in one of them just now.. Tomorrow will be passing up another one.. I don't have the finally-i'm-done feelings.. Maybe because I have a MCQ test for human physiology next week and I still haven't finish studying.. *worry*

I'm not emo anyway. Although I used to be emo when I'm stress. Lalala~~~ Gonna catch up with Organic Chemistry and Stats tonight.. Tomorrow will be the last day of the hectic week 7.. Omg, ngam ngam hou 5 weeks left.. FINAL~ *fainted*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


How can life be SO GREAT??
I don't have mood to do my assignments d... I'm so EXCITED now..

PS:ignore me..=P

Today was a fairy tale.. ^^

I'm in love with this song~ suits my mood today~ =)

Can you believe that something REAL good happened when your ringtone- "today was a fairytale" is ringing? Picked up the phone, and you get the GOOD NEWS from your beloved ones. Oh, thats the greatest thing in life. =D

I can feel that my parents and my sis are in cloud nine now. I'm still stunned here but I burst out with laughter for a few times. Can't believe it. And I'm going to confirm from the source of the news tomorrow. If really happen, I can tell you that I'm sure I won't be able to stop myself from laughing continuously for 2 days. GOOD NEWS, I'm counting on you for my future as well as my good mood. So, I won't announce here yet. I'm sure it will be a mess if it turns up to be a joke/mistake.

Praying hard...

Hint: it is about my great life for 4 years later.. I can shop till drop if the news is true.. ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to do??

I've no idea how to correct my assignments!! Sigh... Left it aside and study my beloved physiology.. Those assignments due this Friday.. HOW?? I couldn't make an appointment with Miss Carole as her slots are damn full. I tried to "date" her during lunch time now.. But it will be Thursday afternoon.. I think I'll get crazy on Thursday.. Definitely..

The more you procrastinate, the more you suffer. This is what I learnt. But I realised this too late.. So many things left behind and no time to catch up.. T.T

Monday, April 19, 2010

Before I sleep...

I look severely tired. And, it is the fact. I'm tired physically and mentally. But, I still gonna stay up late to finish all my readings coz I spent too much time slacking in fb. Just get to finish a simple chapter tonight. Thats sad right. Gonna be more concentrate tmr.

Anyway, I just couldn't read for more than 30minutes in one shot. Hence, I facebook, blog and take photos. LOL... Ok, shall stop crapping here.. Goodnight everyone!! It's 1am d.. Zzz... Tmr shall be a GOOD GOOD day.. =)

breaking promises

I need to sleep early today since my eye bags and dark eye circles are getting worse. Sometimes, I look severely pale and with a pair of sleep + blur eyes.. Hence, very unreluctantly, i'll apply eyeliner to make myself look energetic.. LOL..

I break my promise to myself AGAIN.. Last time, I used to say NO to make-up and high heels.. And promise that I won't try them until the age of 30.. End up, I went for make-up classes and can't stop myself from buying heels(though I can't walk with them most of the time).. SORRY ROU!!!(the devil side is apologizing to the angel side) I shouldn't break promises to myself anymore.. So, I should say NO to procastination from this second onwards!!

I feel awkward now.. For not studying together with my dearies.. But I couldn't carry all the books and notes needed out of my room.. They are too heavy~ sigh.. I miss talking to them now, though i just see them few hours ago...LOL.. I'm serious.. I miss you guys now!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go shopping alone is FUN!

Obviously, I'm in good mood today. =)

I managed to catch a bus around 11am to Pyramid this morning. Yeah! I'm going for shopping! I've been thinking bout it for the whole week. I've to confess that im a shopaholic. Undeniable fact. But, the problem is, I don't have money. Awww.. So sad..

I rushed to Padini once I stepped into Pyramid.. Coz I have 20% discount coupon due end of this month(EXCUSE).. Grabbed a few shoes to try on.. End up buying one only coz most of them are either too big or too small for my leg..

After trying shoes, I went to P&CO department to hunt for shorts.. Bumped into a polka dots shirt.. =) I was thinking whether to choose pink or blue one..

And I end up buying the blue one.. XD I love pink as well, but I think I look pretty tan in pink.. Don't you think so?

After paying, I found out that I wasted 1 hour + in Padini.. Thats horrible.. I quickly walked to Jusco and did some grocery shopping.. Bought lots of vege, fruits, milk and toilet paper.. LOL.. I've forgotten that I have to carry them back to hostel.. End up having muscle pain now.. Oh, I went to Eu Yan Sang to buy soup ingredients and Ginseng Tea Pack. This is to show my daddy that I bought them d. He was about to come down from Taiping just to pass me those Ginseng he bought for me coz I left them at home. Daddy, I love you~ Don't need to purposely come down for that. I can buy it on my own. Don't worry. Muacks..

Came back hostel and made coleslaw in the evening. Due to my poor skill in slicing carrots into cubes, I cut my nails, luckily not my fingers.. Phew!

Photos with my new MNG dress XD seriously in love with it.. OH NO!! I think I'm more into blue than pink these days..
Ok, shall end here.. I haven't touch my books today.. Feel so guilty now.. Anyway, I should say that I love weekends, especially Sunday! Hopefully I've time to go for "Being human" this coming week while preparing for physiology test.. GOOD LUCK TO ME AND EVERYONE!! I love you guys~ You all make my life great! Muacks..

Friday, April 16, 2010


Story will starts from last Friday, the day I travelled back to Sunway. We departed from home sweet home around 9am and dropped by Ipoh to have Dim Sum!!! *screaming with joy* Yes, We went to Foh San as I craved for Dim Sum for quite some time d. I didn't get to eat ANY here. LOL..
This is taken in the restaurant. Typical tourist pose. XD

Reach hostel around 2.00pm.. Unpacked my stuff and went to library and join the group, James, Vincent, Zid, Syn Tiea and Ying Ying.. Sounds like as if im really hardworking, went to study straight away after unpacked.. LOL

*skipped everything at night and Saturday morning, as I just study + dream*
I decided to go to Pyramid to get myself a pair of heels and formal skirt while I was studying. I desperately need it for presentation on Tuesday. It was an excuse for me to go shopping actually. haha. Went down hostel and waited shuttle bus for 30 minutes. Consequently, I managed to reach Pyramid at 8.40pm. THAT's A BIT TOO LATE. I rushed to Kitschen to look for formal skirts. Tried on 2 pieces. Unsatisfied. Rushed to Blay and tried 5-6 pairs of heels. I managed to get a pair of white heels with RM59.90. The craziest shopaholic aka me, then rushed to Jusco to check prices for my budget list, with a smiley face. Oh, not to forget to mention about James. He met me in Jusco after having dinner + hang out with his friends. He was being asked by Ching Yee to accompany me. LOL. Settled my budget list in 10 minutes time. Next, we went to Popular to get our files. Bought 9 big files in one shot. Luckily, we managed to get the last shuttle bus back to hostel. =)

This is why I'm late. Camwhore too long in the room with my new cardigan. XD

Cooked red bean soup for breakfast =)
Studied with friends in the afternoon and went pyramid for dinner..
A simple & happy day.. =D

my red bean soup with "tang yuan"

*Skipped Monday~ all about memorizing presentation speech*

Presentation for PHS I..
I was so nervous on the spot and didn't do really well..
Anyway, I get 8.5/10..
Satisfied coz i really didnt present it well..

*skipped Wednesday.. Went yoga and some small matter*

Boilied some "LEONG CHA" for myself..
Cant stand the presence of pimples on the forehead and nose anymore..
There are making my life miserable and sad..
Oh ya, not to forget to show the "stupid" air cond which spoilt on wed afternoon..
I gonna sleep with fans on that night..
Luckily it wasnt hot.. =)

Cooked spagetti for dinner. =)

PS: did you notice that my description for each day actually decrease drastically from first day to the last?? LOL... this shows that I'm too lazy in writing such a long post.. haha

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The air cond seems hopeless d.. Messed up my study table..And, I noticed that after office hour.. Sigh.. Maybe gonna sleep with fan on tonight.. *forcing myself to smile*

Gonna study real hard and without distraction tonight.. I make this promise to myself.. I can do it!! Time is hitting 7pm.. I gonna start now!! BYE~ hopefully i wont post sth about how guilty i am for not studying tmr.. LOL.. have a nice day everyone!! I AM FINE..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ok, sorry for another moody post.
The suppose-to-be story teller hides the story as well.
Just get to know that the story teller is involved in the story too.
I'm outsider.
I've no right to ask.
I should keep quiet.
I feel that everything was wrong.
I wish I can have a shoulder for me to scream instead of cry
I wish I can have someone to listen to me and understand me
I wish I can isolate myself from now onwards coz I re-experience sth again
I wish I can go shopping ALONE this week to make myself happier
=) i need a big smile on my face..


Feel so depressed suddenly. Couple minutes ago, when I was on the way to uni, I was so determine and motivated by myself. I feel the urge to finish my assignments by tonight. However, everything changed when I stepped into this room. I was shocked and stunned. I don't know how to react, so I grabbed my pendrive and proceed to the computer. I have no mood to read anything after that.

I don't know what happened, whether is it related to me or what-so-ever. I need someone to explain to me NOW!!! T.T they left 5 minutes after I arrived.. Seriously, I feel real bad.. I don't know why.. I need to talk to ppl now.. sadly, i'm alone..

Have to force myself to go and complete my DEAREST assignment now.. I feel better after typing every single feeling out. But, STILL NOT ENOUGH.. I still feel depressed..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I did quite badly.. Sigh..
I'm too nervous during my presentation..
Even my voice shows my nervousness..
I did not get to present it well as what i did during my practice.. T.T
I deserve to get low marks because I didnt present well + didn't memorize well..
So, I couldnt get the reward i promise to myself..
Anyway, I feel really relax after presentation.. Calmed down..
Studying for tmr tutorial now, but keep on reading the same page for hours.. No mood lar..
I don't have reason to go shopping all because of my bad performance.. Grr.. I hate myself..
Gonna go now! Have to CONCENTRATE(which is a tough task for today with extreme tiredness)!

PS: I actually try to blog in a more interesting way. Too bad I couldn't upload a single photo with hostel(super duper slow) connection after trying for "n" times.. Will try again tmr.. sounds so determine.. lol.. =)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Wake up at 9.30am today. Oopss.. Thats 1 hour later my alarm rang.. =P
A totally free Saturday and its time to work..
Watch 20+ minutes of movie while taking breakfast..
Slacking in front of lappie for about 1hour..
hmm.. Its time to study!!
Will keep on updating my blog during my rest time.. =)
I seriously need more photos to make my blog look interesting..
Back to hostel.
Went to uni after I unpacked my stuff to return book n join the group to study.
I've wasted too much time slacking.
Need to study whole day during the weekends.
Gonna go pyramid to get my budget list done somor. Sigh..
signing off... bye~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going back T.T

I'm going back to Sunway tmr. T.T I know I'll miss Taiping, mummy, daddy, sis, dong dong, my grandparents of both side, aunties, uncles and a bunch of cousins. I didn't really enjoy my holiday this time. I lock myself in the room and read through those bloody(sorry for being rude) notes and thinking of how to start my assignments. I gonna pay my grandparents(father side) a visit tmr before I leave. Grandpa(mother side) will be going for medical scanning tmr. I hope that he will be fine. Really worry about him.

I have my own reason of going back so early. I feel really guilty for not studying all my notes during the holiday. I NEED TO FINISH ALL OF THEM before monday. I'm trying to make myself stress. Sounds abnormal right? This is how I act when I desperately hope for something. I want HD honestly. I don't know whether I can get them or not. At least, I gonna try my best. Sorry daddy mummy n sis. I can feel your love. I know you all care for me. I love you all too~ But I really need to go back and finish everything. Home sweet home is just too relaxing. I can't fully focus on studies at home. Few more weeks. I'll be back again. Without any burden. Coz it will be semester break. ;) I'll MISS YOU ALL!!!

Finally, I upload a photo here. With my new pink pyjamas. =) Goodnight world! I love you all~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tomorrow?? or the day after tomorrow??
i dunno which to choose.. T.T

Midnight post with random feelings

~ yes! Absolutely agree with this statement. I always feel myself lack of jeans, shirts or accessories. $$$ I need more money to make my wadrobe a more complete one. LOL

~yes! I always do that. Especially when I talk to someone I secretly admire. haha. pouring out my own secret pulak.
~ Eg: fren: what you wanna eat?
me: anything will do
fren: McD?
me: OK~ (OS: so unhealthy leh..)
but I'll still eat McD~ =.='''

~I've experienced this. Waited for 5 years and get nothing in the end. Maybe because I'm too good in hiding my secret feeling. (should i feel proud?)

Monday, April 5, 2010

food food food

I'm craving for food!!
I want ipoh dim sum
I want ayer itam laksa
I want raja uda tom yam mee
I want egg tart
I want char kuey tiao
I want penang/taiping/ipoh chee cheong fun
I want ais kacang
I want pasembor
I want mee rebus
I want cendol
I want soya + tau fu fa
I want 蚝煎
I want burma road pancake

yeah.. I'm going to grow super fat after mid term break.. but don't think i manage to consume that much of food within these few days.. LOL.. heard mummy said we might be eating 盆菜 for grandpa's bday dinner.. woohoo!! Ok, I decided to eat those I really miss first then only settle the rest. So, tomorrow will be going burma road for pancake, then disted to settle stuff and new world park for lunch. I have no time to hunt for good food one stall by one stall. Hence, hawker centre is the best choice. They have different type of food in one spot. Why new world park? coz i like the place and they serve nice food, except for the laksa and a few other i-am-not-so-interested stall.. ahem.. PROMISE myself n you guys that I'll take my camera along tomorrow. So that I can look at them when I'm having the salty food in sunway.. LOL

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm back

I saw those photos in fb. Stunned. I'm emo AGAIN.
Losing a "game" for the 3rd time.
No more heart-ache, no more disappointment.
I just wanna know the reason.
Guys, can you tell me why??
Why I can fail continuously for 3 times?
Am I that bad?
W-A-I-T is not the right decision
regret, regret and regret
I should have listen to those friends who asked me to give up..
Sorry to my friends and myself.
I'm really tough this time.
No more tears.
Because I came to a conclusion.
that person is B-L-I-N-D
Ha! I successfully comfort myself!
Forget about those who dont care bout me and precious those beside me. =)
Who cares about love?
I'm proud to say that I've been single since 18 Jan 1991. Blekz..
Say goodbye to the sad memories. The normal Rou is BACK after "n" years!

Angel side scolding devil side: PERGI BACA BUKU LAR!! XD bye~~

3rd April 2010

2nd day of holiday~ I didn't get to touch my books at all...
I'm going to screw up everything after holiday...
my oral presentation is just one week away and i havent prepare my slides and memorise anything..
2 assignments will be due on 23rd.. They are still in pending list..
I think I'll need to stay up 20 hours everyday and non-stop studying only will get to survive till the end of the sem.. T.T
Seriously, I need motivation to study now.. HOME is just too relaxing.. I cant stop myself from walking to the sofa and tune on the tv, talk to my dog and facebook.. I need to go around taiping to find my grandparents and get some NICE FOOD too..
my skin need some rest too!!
they start to complain and giving me warning d..
argh... I should stop and start study my organic chemistry.. this is the only unit i get to do pre-reading for next week.. love it! hahaha..

stay tuned!! i've tonnes of photos to upload here.. but i just have NO TIME.. kindly move to my NEW facebook account for those photos.. LOVE YOU GUYS!! bye~

Thursday, April 1, 2010



Kindly contact me via

I'm totally depressed with the lost of facebook and mailbox. Holiday without facebook and msn? How miserable my life will be. I wonder whether i can sign in my skype or not. Sigh...