Monday, May 31, 2010

Horrible internal marks

I can't afford to do mistakes in my finals anymore.
My internal marks are horrible.
Thanks to my lecturers and my laziness.
I'm gonna have sleepless night from today onwards.
In my opinion, internal marks are meant to help people to pass but not score.
Don't you think so??
My goal to get HD for all units will be just A DREAM.
Anyway, I'll do my best to make my dream come true.
Hopefully I can fulfill my promise I gave myself -- Go Genting if I get 4 HDs
Study hard~
But my body cannot cope with my stress these days.. Sobx..
Hormone level went so wrong.
and I have insomnia.
COME ON!! Body, please cope with me. I need you to keep on studying till finals..
Promise I'll let you rest after that.. PLEASE~

Sunday, May 30, 2010

SAY NO to monday blue

Good morning!!
It's monday~ 10 more days to finals.. what should I feel??
nervous? happy? sad?
I've spent a whole day doing kinetics exercise ytd and going to continue with electrochem today.
with such progression, i think i'll fail my finals..
hence, i should change my study plan and be more productive..
Going to uni later to hand in my manual and finish my physio last chapter.
gonna start revision for physio soon as it will be my first paper for finals.
I'm looking forward for winter break..
no matter how, it should be a great one!!
i've an issue to share actually.. wait till i have time or i'm super duper stress.. it's all about medicine.. stay tuned!!

with love,

Friday, May 28, 2010

best ever Saturday morning vs bad score

Good morning readers!
I started my lovely Saturday morning by cooking myself breakfast and lunch.
Baked beans + mushrooms + sausages + bread for breakfast and
Baked beans + mushrooms + sausages + eggs + rice for lunch
I packed my lunch into a container and brought them to uni with me. XD
Everything sounds fine and lovely right?
When I checked my blackboard, the PHS assignment score is out and I DID IT BADLY!
Oh, it spoilt my day.
bloody 7.25 marks.. argh...
about 10 days to finals...
gonna study harder but will try to update as frequent as possible.
I know you guys will miss me.. tsk tsk..
Gonna finish 2 chapters this afternoon..
If i hit my goal, i'll upload my lovely lunch box photo tonight! lolz.. so, please support me mentally.. XD bye!

Thursday, May 27, 2010



I shall summarise my last few days of sem 1..
I had 3 practical tests, 2 online and 1 lab-work
I got 90% for my physico MCQ test due to my dumbness and kepo-ness..
I think too much and caused the mistakes.. sigh.. say bye bye to 1 mark!
For today's organic chem MCQ test, i got 100%!!
I was so happy just now..
when i told my mom about the score, i refreshed my memory..
i has been a long time i didnt tell her, "mummy, i get 100% for my test!"
hmmm... about 7-8 years? oh gosh.. that's terrible..
I always wish to get 100% for my add-maths during secondary school time but failed..
90-99% is my usual scores.. sigh..
Why so tempted to get 100%? i understand that people tends to make mistakes.
But if we can TRY to make ourselves nearly perfect..
It is always hard to be perfect and nobody is perfect in this world..
*crap too much*
For PHS lab test, I did quite smoothly.. But let's see whats the score next weekend.. praying hard.. haha
Oh ya, I get my marks for physiology assignment today as well! my first ever assignment in monash.. 88%.. Hmm.. not bad.. I appreciate my "hard" work although I spent little time for it due to my laziness..
PHS assignment mark will be out this weekend.. wish me luck!
wah.. i seem like reporting my assessment scores in this post.. really sorry if u feel annoyed~ =P
Goodnight world~

Thai Thai

Went to this restaurant DECADES ago.... the food was AWESOME!! I tried the pineapple fried rice (as shown below) and it was a great try.. The mango stick rice was just ok and super EXPENSIVE compared to the one I ate in hatyai.. LOL.. The tom yam was nice too.. basically i just tried one spoonful of soup and it took me for like 5 minutes to get rid of the numbness.. I seriously need to train up myself to eat spicy food.. XD

The restaurant--THAI THAI @ Pyramid (where else i can go)The very unique drawings..Pineapple fried rice(RM16)Tom yam bee hoon (RM16)Mango stick rice(RM9)

Haha.. I didn't camwhore that day coz i went there after yoga with my super messy hair and oily face.. save your life! LOL..

PS: enjoy my food post and i think i'll have more tmr.. >.<
Finished all the practical tests.. Phew..
I'm going to study some organic chem(my beloved unit) now and will continue blogging tonight..
Stay tuned my dear.. =D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Give up!


The first time i have such feeling for exam. Open book test. Bed is more attractive than notes. Nitez..

how come maths become so tough to me?

Dosage, millimoles, blah blah blah...
all the pharmaceutical calculations are killing me..
suppose to be easy but i have to digest all of them tonight, it turned into a tough one..
Blame myself for ignoring this unit all the while..
Gonna suffer now..
*slapping myself*

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sigh sigh sigh...

I couldn't concentrate~ argh..
I can't stop myself from thinking about home and food.
Maybe the limit reached..
2 months away from home make me seriously homesick now..
I thought I can be tougher.
I thought I become stronger.
Infinity days to go back home. BIG sigh.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sorry PHS

I'm studying medicine in profile now. It is killing off all my brain cells.
This is how people suffer when they study last minute for exam.
Yes, I have 3 practical tests next week and I haven't touch them yet.
I read through physicochem practical manual, but I couldn't find any point studying it.
Left with the killer-PHS and organic chem.
I want to memorise all the drugs before practical test on Tues.
Is it possible? I wonder...
Gonna screw 5 more drugs tonight. =S

with love,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Research? or Summer Break?

Oh yes! My uni life is going to be more hectic because I decided to do research during summer break. Dr. Saravanan announced about the research after lecture and I straight away go to his office after that to volunteer myself. He asked me to contact him around 2nd week of June. hmmm... that means I'm in right?? I'm not sure about the answer. So, I'll just say that IF i could join their research, my summer break will be gone and my dream will come true.

It is always my dream to do something special, other than attending lectures, tutorials and practical, in uni. Research is one of my so-called goals. And, this is also a chance for me to explore and make full use of facilities. LOL.

Anyway, I'm happy that there is a chance for me now. I seriously hope that I can join. No summer break? That's not a big deal. The only problem is I couldn't go home. T.T But I think I will have the chance.. a few days will be more than enough.. HOME is always the best place to recharge, meet your love ones, pour out your problems and get warm advices.. I MISS HOME!! Suppose to start countdown from today onwards. ONE MORE MONTH TO GO HOME~ but if research is on.... I can't tell the date.. hopefully not next mid-sem break and I will try not to let this happen.. =)

2 more weeks to finals and few more days to practical testSSS.. wish me lucks! GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY LOVELY COURSEMATES~ jiayou~

With love,

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just realised that today is 520.. no wonder so many ppl spamming with this figure in facebook.. @.@
I have migraine for the whole day.. So, 520 is not lovely at all.. I almost crawl back from uni coz every step make me suffer.. Walked so slowly and almost black-out when I reach hostel.. I still survive!! haha..

Gonna continue with my studies before I faint.. See ya~ although today isn't a lovely day for me, I still wanna say 520 to all my readers and friends.. Love ya~

With love,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weird things do happened when you're too stress

Guess what I did..

Luckily there are only 6 person in the room and most of us were lying down that time..
Only instructor saw my tears I guess.. =P
Why I cry?? haha.. I'm not going to tell you coz it is too embarassing.. blekz..
gonna continue with past year papers.. see ya!!

Oopss.. It's wed

It's holiday today~
It will be great if this happens few weeks ago.
Holiday on Wednesday suppose to be an awesome one. Movie day + Pink day.
Movie? Leave it for post-exam sem break.
I came to uni early in the morning, around 9.30am.
I'm happy that I managed to jump up from bed at 8.00am sharp.
Went to return my books and get practical photostated.
Then, I came to this tutorial room.
Around 12.50pm, I'm being chased out by those medicine lecturer. =(
She told me she will use the room for 10 minutes ONLY.
So, I went down to locker to get my sweets and study a while there.
I'm sure I spent more than 15 minutes there.
And, they are still using this room. Sigh.
I'm forced to go other place to study.
I decided to go a new place, building 9 level 3.
Hmm.. that place was quite nice at first before those gamers arrived.
Had lunch at 3pm in cafeteria and walked back here.
Yes, I occupied the tutorial room again. haha.
Listening to songs and going to start my revision again.
Yoga class later. Hooray!!
I think posts from today onwards will be mostly me complaining and grumbling this and that. Be patience with me.
Post-finals posts will be INTERESTING. I promise. =)
See ya~

PS: Kindly help me to click on the advertisement if they popped out. XD

With love,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

heart-to-heart talk is needed!!

I did badly for my physiology MCQ test. The result is quite similar with what I've predicted. Should I feel happy coz I predicted my result correctly?? LOL~

Physio, I spent so much time studying you and yet I still make so many mistakes.. Can we have a heart-to-heart talk by this week? I want to know exactly what you are thinking. Oh, PHS, I haven't start reading you yet. Please don't be mad. You are as important as others in my heart. I promise I'll spend more time with you these few weeks. My love, organic chemistry! I need you to give me determination! Please let me finish you faster so that I can concentrate in others. Physicochem, I love you as well. LET US WORK HARD TOGETHER!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

can i have 48 hours per day??

Oh dear, I have 1 week left for my practical tests. I feel like jump out of my window everytime I thought of this. NO TIME but I couldn't concentrate! Argh..

Tomorrow gonna help up for Monash Yoga Club(MYC) Barbeque party. I'm looking forward for it but on the other hand, I'm kinda worry about my studies. How?? I can't reject the BBQ party coz I volunteered myself to help couple weeks ago. I didn't foresee that I'll be struggling this week. Anyway, I'll enjoy myself to the fullest as this is the first BBQ party for my uni life. =)

I LOVE YOGA~ i wanna look as young as my instructor when I'm 65!!! hahaha..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I thought uni life should be fun??

Before I start my university life, friends used to tell me how fun uni life is, such as meet up with people randomly, loads of activities and etc.

Until now, I DON'T have such feelings. Ok, gonna admit that I did predicted that my uni life will be great during transition camp. But what happening now is totally different from my prediction. I'm flooded with lectures, tutorials, assessments, assignments, test and practicals everyday. Weekends are equally hectic as weekdays. I always have the thought to skip those activities I've registered in. Argh.. I think I better manage my time properly from now onwards. If not, I'm sure I'll turn crazy during study week. XD

Gotta off now and continue with cardiovascular system. I love this chapter soooo much compared to the bloody brain chapter. haha.. love ya~

PS: suddenly thought of Baskin Robbin now.. It's PINK DAY!! woohoo~ too bad I've yoga class until 8pm.. =(

With love,


Hey! I have something to share! Read through this note in Facebook. I like this note after reading. Maybe it did describe some of my hidden characteristics, something I try to hide. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY READING. Really sorry for those who cant read chinese. If you really keen to know, I can try to translate when i'm free. =)

TITLE: 他们说,这种女孩很真





朋友问她怎么了 她也只会说没事









With love,

Monday, May 10, 2010

My first adventure in KL

my first visit to SUBANG JAYA KTM STATION
Bank negara station(so putrajaya-like)

Looking at the photos above, yes, I have been to KL.

Went to PWTC alone yesterday to pass my contract to my uncle.
I need to praise myself coz I feel that I've grown up and become more independent.
I used 5 hours to travel. Took shuttle bus, mini bus, ktm and lrt. Seriously tired.
The whole journey was a safe one(physically). But I lost 50 bucks accidentally in ktm station. BAD luck!
I did explore the MTA fair in PWTC for a while. It was a cool one. Booth of factories from all around the world showing their most high technology machinery products.
Too bad I have no idea what are the use of those stuff. Just wandered around.
I continued with my journey back to Sunway after 30 minutes of explore.
LRT-KTM-MINI BUS. I was exhausted when I reach Pyramid.
Hence, I decided to recharge myself with some good food. =)

Bought some biscuits and fruits from Jusco. I forgot to grab one of my shopping bag in the cashier. Sheer bad luck! Luckily just some biscuits and tissue which cost me less than 10 bucks. I realised that when I unpacked my things in hostel. =.='''

Back to topic. After Jusco, I proceed to Face shop to get myself some mask and lip balm. The only lucky thing of the day-- Face shop is having anniversary sales. All the products have 40-50% off. Great!

A wonderful dinner makes my day and clear off my tiredness. =)

Took dinner at this cafe. The service is bad. The food are nice but kinda expensive.
I think you can tell how tired am I from this pic.
Fried spaghetti with Itallian Herbs. (RM8.90)MANGO SHERBET(RM7.90) ( i love this the most!!!)
More to blog but I have to test tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates! Love ya~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

i need luck

I couldn't figure out any better way other than skipping lectures to get things done.
Not productive at all for today.
I can't concentrate on my notes.
Hate the feelings.
Everyone thought I'll be jumping with joy now.
I never smile, even to myself, from the moment I get the thing.
Well, I won't cry, consciously, anymore. Be tough, rou!
Need to finish my nervous system and ABE-F tonight since I won't have internet connection in 30 minutes time.

PS: My air-cond is spoilt again. What type of facilities I have? LOL..

Friday, May 7, 2010


Contract is here.
I'm having lots of problem to get it done. Sigh.
I can't stop myself from bursting out with tears.
Yes, I cried yesterday night before I go to bed.
Seriously need to talk to someone who can help me to solve my problems.
Apart from the contract, I have to deal with lots of notes and tests.
My brain is kinda overload now.
I feel like going to relax myself but I have no time for it.
Pharmacy student's life...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am gonna study some physicochem tonight and deal with physiology assignment tomorrow.. Say NO to movie from now onwards..

Finals is sooooooo near and I'm still slacking. Oh gosh, where is my determination?? I did badly in my physio MCQ test. I should have motivation to study. But why I'm still that lazy? Argh... SLAP ME!

Although I'm lazy, I couldn't sleep well everyday. Definitely will jumped up when it is 7 or 7.15am.. =( Thats a big problem for me. My body need rest!! I wanna go home~ The only place I can sleep like nobody business and recharge. One month plus to go. I wonder whether I can survive till the last minute.

PS: I can't stop myself thinking of this skirt. Spot it: 2nd row, 2nd pic. It is a bit expensive for me. RM165 for a skirt which I might be just wear for 10 times or lesser is not worthy. I try to persuade myself to think logically but I just can't control the other side of me. XD

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie day + Pink Day

Hi readers! How was your Wednesday? Well, mine was great! I enjoyed the day to the fullest. Let me share my happiness with you. =)

Went for the only class of the day at 10am. Honestly, I feel happy whenever class start at 10 or later. It is so awful going class in blur and sleepy situation. Hmm.. I think I can elaborate more about sleep and lecture in the coming post as I'm going to tell you more about outing now.

After class, which ended at 11am, most of my tutorial groupmates went to watch Iron Man 2. I didn't follow because I'm going for the same movie with my sweeties at 3.45pm as promised few days ago. Hence, I viewed through half of tutorial set 1 and update myself with some new songs through youtube in tutorial room.

Went to pay for Yoga fee at 12pm. Borrowed some books from library and studied there for about 30 minutes. Xuen told me she was on her way. Hence, I kept my stuff in locker and took shuttle to Pyramid. Yeah, I'm lucky. I saw the shuttle bus when I walked out the front gate.

Reached Pyramid around 1.05pm. Asked for xuen's location. She said she is waiting at Baskin Robbin. I went to the branch at first floor. Wandered around and couldn't spot her. Just found out that there are 2 Baskin Robbin in Pyramid. Noob. I wasted 20 minutes searching. LOL.

Since it is Wednesday, B&R pink day, Reenda, Xuen and me bought 2 scoops of ice cream each. 2 scoops for only RM7.90. =) Me love ice cream. While eating, Tyler and U chyuan joined us. Yes, 5 of us are going for movie. But before that, we went for lunch at Fullhouse.

I love this restaurant. Cute.
Iced Lemon Tea, Mushroom-Almond Soup(I guess)
over-roasted chicken chopDesserts!!

The food served are just normal. But the environment is real good. Should spend more time dining here. We don't have time to explore the restaurant thoroughly. Sad. But, we do take some photos.

Oh, about Iron Man 2, it was fantastic! I'm amazed by the technology and science. BUCKYBALL!! cool~ and I'm in love with Robert Downey,Jr. now. I'm more into him after watching Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes. =P

PS: I will go Fullhouse again next time if I have the chance. And, I enjoy hanging out with my sweeties. Looking forward for next gathering with more people. Nitez

Saturday, May 1, 2010


What a lovely Sunday morning..
Slacked for 2 hours for breakfast and drama.
*feel extremely guilty now*

Can't wait to meet them!!! =D

Happy Labour Day


Had green bean soup, papaya and biscuits for brunch and dinner. Feels healthy after having so many heavy meals in Pyramid. Seriously need to go on diet d. I'm growing fatter and fatter every single day. LOL

Chou pi jiang no.2(aka xuen) texted me just now. Asking me whether wanna go for movie on wednesday or not. They are coming to Sunway! I have no reason to reject them as I started to miss them d. Our last outing was about 2 months ago. YEAH!! Can't wait to meet up with them!! XD

And one more good news is, mummy might be coming tomorrow!! But yet to confirm.. Waiting for exact answer tonight.. Oh, I miss home again. Daddy, mummy, sis, dong, I miss you all.. *muacks*

PS: I slacked too much these few days due to over-stress on Tuesday. Take a deep breath. Shall off to work now. In case I can't stop myself from going shopping for the bag tomorrow. hahax..