Saturday, March 27, 2010


So bloody emo today.. I'm still kinda excited yesterday midnight, sms with wj while waiting for the pear juice/water/blah-blah-blah to cook.. I know what happen d.. LACK OF SLEEP.. It has been 5 weeks I didnt sleep well, means more than 9 hours. Since I'll be going home this friday, I shall appreciate the time in Taiping and have a bit more sleeping time. Oh, I start to miss my cozy bed now. I think I should get a teddy bear for myself seriously. =)

OH NO!! seems like it is going to rain. I've to leave as I didn't bring umbrella out. T.T

See ya in next post if i get a smooth connection tonight. XD

Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm totally stressed up after 3 weeks of lectures!! All the drugs and "weird" notes are killing me. Oh, I've forgotten about my assignments. T.T Few more weeks to go but I haven't touch anything yet. I'm going to bang myself on the wall/table. I NEED A BREAK-- that's why I blog. ^^

Currently studying in library and I think I should stop blogging as I found that I have tonnes of notes to read and UNDERSTAND.. People, I'm dying, officially.

Friday, March 12, 2010

what if i sleep now?

hi! Weird to see me updating bloggie so frequent right? Lol.. I'm just too lazy to study.. Instead of reading materials, im blogging.. Oh, pls slap/scold me in order to make me more motivated..
Wake up EARLY again.. It has been a long time i didnt feel the sun when i wake up.. Honestly, i'm very tired now.. All i wanna do is sleep for 24 hours.. Haha.. If i do so, i swear i'll regret for the whole sem..
I'll PAUSE here.. Shall continue with a chapter of studies first.. See ya! :)

Week 2

I'm going to go mad real soon. Week 2 just end and I have a strong im-going-to-die-soon feel. I feel so stressed up especially when I found out my notes are piling up. OH GOSH, I've no idea how to start and finish them. T.T

Apart from the stressful part, I did enjoy my uni life. This week was club and society week. Many booth were set up in the foyer. As a freshie, of course I walked around with friends to look for an interesting one to join. I ended up joining our MuPhaS and Yoga Club. I actually wanna join music club too. But I don't think I have time for it. =( Activities will start next week. Hence, I think I'll feel more tired as compare to this week.. Argh... No matter how, I'll still try my best to survive.. LOL

I just realised that I spent more time in uni compare to hostel. I even walk to uni during weekends to study with friends and online.. =) hostel connection is just too slow.. sigh...

I'm growing fatter too.. Had too much fast food this week.. Sobx... I wanna go for shopping!! I need a watch and some new shirts BADLY.. its mega sales ladies!! I'm not gonna spend my days facing books without buying anything during mega sales..

Oh ya, I think my plan is going to be successful this time. Once I book the ticket, I'll announce it here.. haha.. keep it as a secret now... shh...

Not to forget, I'll be meeting my a-levels sweeties this sunday.. I should be excited but my lecture notes stopped me.. T.T No matter how, I know I'm going to have a great day with lots of laughters..

I shall cheer up and go study now.. Should sleep earlier too.. Pimples start growing AGAIN.. duh... Goodnight everyone!! Sorry with my messed up post.. I've lots of things to say but lazy to organize them... haha..

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday!!

I'm tired~~~ but I haven't start reading my books yet.. T.T PHS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!

I have one hour lecture today!! Hooray!! 9-10am.. =D
So,went to have a movie with classmates this afternoon and shop for fruits, biscuits, oats and stationary as well.. oh ya, not forget to mention that i bought the 5.5L of mineral water too.. I carried about 10+ kg things back to hostel.. In the process, I need to walk for a kinda long distance and take shuttle bus.. @.@

Alright, I've something to comment about the movie--- Valentine's Day. Overall, I kinda like the story.. It is so real-life. The handsome and pretty+sexy actors make the movie more worth-watching.. XD Anyway, my main point is to share what I learnt from the movie. crap too much.. =P
Here it is... "If you couldn't find an ideal partner, look for someone who is always there for you. Yes, your best friend, who understands you well and always provide you with useful advices. Why not consider him/her?" sounds pretty cool right?? I never thought of that until I watch this movie..

Alright, gonna do my laundry AGAIN.. I'm tired of hand-washing the clothes d..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amazing week

Yeah, I'm still adapting to university lifestyle. Personally, I feel that uni life is amazing but assignment and presentation make it tough. I enjoy looking at crowds of ppl walking around the campus. Meeting different people everyday and have some random chat is kinda cool actually. Ok, to be honest, I'm not really good in socializing with people and I'm still in the process of learning. It is one of my goals--to be good in communication before and after i graduate.

Alright, lots of readings waiting for me. I'm easily distracted from books when I left my lappie on behind me. =P Can you believe this?? I've 2 assignments during my week 1..

Stay tuned!! I'll try to update when I've time and the connection allows me to do so.. Nitez..

With love,