Friday, January 21, 2011

You are just a dream

I'm having sore throat, but I still have to talk craps to customers.
I'm having flu, but I still drink iced water.
I don't have enough sleep, but I just can't stop myself from turning on my lappie and check my fb (even though it is not happening, with zero notification)
I just can't stop dreaming about the same person.

With all the I..... I...... I......, you can see that how unhealthy is my lifestyle. I have lots of sleep debt to be paid off. Shall stop hoping that there will be a message or wall post from the dream guy. Time to wake up and yeah, chinese new year is just less than 2 weeks away!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kuching Trip

After viewing all the photos, videos and the awesome blog post by yen yee, I have the urge to blog about Kuching trip (06 Jan 2011 ~ 10 Jan 2011) before it is too late. (If I didn't blog now, I bet you guys have to wait until after CNY.) I've been so busy after the trip. Will only get to touch my lappie after 11pm. Life~

Back to the topic. Here is the summary of the trip with photos.

The very first day. We reached Kuching with our exhausted face. All of us have no energy to joke and talk. We were like strangers, as if we are back to transition camp again. We looked at each other with smiley face, without any words. We toured around the town after lunch. I like all the places we visited. You can get to see the uniqueness of arts and cultures of Orang Iban, Orang Ulu (i'll never miss out this!), Orang Melanau, Chinese, etc in museums as well as enjoy the fresh air and eye-catching scenery at Waterfront.

At night, we had dinner at a restaurant. We were still acting like as if we just know each other for few hours. But it got better after the topic about the bride next door. LOL. They celebrated advanced birthday for Su Ann and me, as a surprise, after dinner. Everything was perfect except the knife part. I really got a shock and appreciate all the efforts. Thanks for bringing the gift and card all the way from KL to Kuching. Thanks for the lovely cake and dinner too.

First group photo for the first day (if not mistaken). Credit to SKY! ^^

Walked around The Spring after dinner and watched "The Tourist" before we end our day.

The 2nd Day. We had dim sum as breakfast. It tastes different but delicious, especially siu mai. Grabbed an Aladdin kite from a book store before we go Damai Beach. =)
Us with the abandoned kite.
We enjoy beach! We really do.

The 2 guys tried really hard to fly the kite while the girls were busy taking photos and laughing beside. Interested with the kite flying session? Kindly view Su Ann's awesome video for more information.

We played ping pong, congkak and watched cartoons before dinner. We took shuttle to a seafood restaurant for dinner. None of us will forget our "SANTUBONG 飘移车手" driver. Xin Ling and I enjoyed the roller coaster-like journey. =)

The 3rd Day. We went to cultural village. Here, we had lots of memories. Kah Sing found his love-- Orang Ulu, a few of us blew the sumpit, we climbed the very steep, small but unique stairs, etc.
We went back to the town after Cultural Village tour. Few of us went to eat Sarawak laksa after some rest while the others were sleeping. We took Sampan across the river after that to visit Dewan Undangan and Orchid Garden. Amazing first time experience taking sampan, except the part which I knocked my head due to my blur-ness. Had dinner and visited James' house after that. His mom offered to show us his childhood photos. That's lovely. After that, we went to pasar malam, the so called Sunday market.

The 4th day. We went to Crocodile Farm and a reserved jungle to see Orang Utan. We were lucky that day. About 8 Orang Utan-s appeared during feeding time, and we got so excited when the huge Ritchie appeared. I love her hair! haha.. We went to a very nice park before dinner. There's a statue of Cheng-Ho but none of us know why it is there. Anyway, the environment there is really soothing and nice. After dinner, we went to karaoke after craving for few days. And that ends our 4th day.

Crocodile farm

A very nice park with CHENG-HO statue behind us. =)

Cheong K after dinner

The 5th Day. Bought souvenirs, had lunch and went to airport. There's where we end our trip and say goodbye to James.

The last pic of the trip

Thanks for reading such a long post. Here, I would like to say millions of THANK YOU to James & family, Jin Yu and Sky for touring us around, fetching us here and there. I would like to thank Su Ann, Yen Yee, Xin Ling, Jie Min, Kah Sing and James for making this trip so awesome and memorable. Our bond should stay strong until the day we meet again.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hey people! I'm back from an awesome one week trip yesterday.
That's the reason why I MIA for such a long time. =)
Stayed in KL for 2 days and Kuching for 5 days.
I should say, it was a nice start for 2011.
I need to say millions of Thank You to those who helped me. I really appreciate it.
Glad that I'm surrounded by a group of friendly and helpful people.
I was touched by all the efforts and kindness. (A big THANK YOU with 90 degree bow)
Will update more when I'm free. (CNY is near.. So, guess I won't get to update so often. X( )
Stay tuned anyway. Who knows I might sacrifice my sleeping time to update. haha..

PS: Peeps, thanks for all the advanced birthday wishes, cards and presents. =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Summary

~Summary of my 2010~

2010 will be one of the unforgettable years in my life. There are lots of surprises and changes in life. Let me list down some of the historical moments with words as well as photos.

1. I stepped into university (finally!). Surprisingly, I chose Pharmacy instead of Actuarial Science which I dreamed for at least 3 years. I still remember how I complaint about transition camp. I just don't want to go because I thought it will be something like those camp during high school time. Ok, I gotta admit that it was the stupidest idea of the year. Transition camp was so fun! I wanted to go again this year!! And, not to forget to tell all of you here that I LOVE MY COURSEMATES!!

2. I changed from a super homesick girl, who wanted to go home every weekend, to a better one. At least I can stop myself from going home during the 2 weeks of study break.

3. There are lots of FIRST in 2010 too. Went to Redang Island and Korea for the first time, got my first polaroid camera & smart phone, and first time experience of last minute study (that's not fun, especially came out with shitty result)

Ok, lack of ideas.. Now it's time for photo session. Some of the photos are being uploaded before. Just give some patience since this is a summary. =D

Family photo taken during CNY 2010 @ SSL Traders Hotel
Oh! My first semester. 4 of us camp in library every weekend(almost). Kinda miss those days. We never do this again in sem 2.
Disted-ians gathering & Xuen's Birthday @ Midvalley
Thats the only chance I met all of them in 2010. Miss you all so much!
Xuen, Reenda, Tyler and U Chyuan came to Pyramid. Went to meet them for lunch @ Full House
First karaoke session with coursemates

Trip to Redang during winter break. I miss the sea and beach.

Went Lake Garden with high school peeps. Thats the last time I met shin and x.jun before they leave malaysia.

Oh! One of my polaroid collection. Group photo for the surprise party!

MYC outing to Putrajaya Botanical Garden. BIKE! Omg! I didn't cycle for several years. Luckily I still can cycle nicely and able to teach my friend how to cycle. Ok, I gonna admit that I use the childish method, which is, holding the bicycle and teach her how to balance. That's lame. LOL.

Mooncake Festival =)
My lab-mates! (Qing Yu is missing coz she is the camera-woman) We were making creams that time. Note the cream on the tile! This is what you apply on your face. Muahaha...
My baby blue polaroid camera!!!
Merdeka babies birthday celebration.
Raya break. Met up with sis @ Midvalley. My first time watching movie in GSC Gold Class and GSC Signature.

Genting Trip after finals. =)

Outing marathon after Genting trip.

There should be more photos to summarize everything. BUT! I'm lazy.. hehe.. The rest are quite recent. So, just check back my previous posts. =D

I'll definitely miss those days in 2010. Of course, I do hope 2011 will be better. Wishing all my readers a very happy new year and may all your new year resolutions come true!

To all, I'm missing you right now! ^^