Friday, June 25, 2010

Awesome Y1S1 winter break (Part 1)

Spent most of my time at home these few days.
It's nice to live without any stress.
Totally forget about lectures, notes, lab reports and experiments.
I love this feeling!
My baby dog wake me up every morning. How sweet. =)
I baked some cupcakes during free time as well.
Hang out with friends for breakfast, lunch and movie on wed.
I NEED MORE OUTING!! I start to feel bored d..
Went to Penang with family today.
Shop in QB for few hours and had dinner at TAO.
I bought a dress, a skirt and a top from MNG, finally. lolz
Satisfied with dinner too. Had too much japanese food and thats why I'm still awake now.
FULL~ *blurp*
I'll upload those photos asap. Too lazy to do it now.
goodnight peeps!

Monday, June 21, 2010


People!! I finished my finals d!!
Last paper was fine. Stupid me left my statistics questions last!
And I rushed like crazy in the last few minutes.
Argh! Shouldn't have do this stupid decision.
The most confident part turns out to be done in a mess.
Maybe that's why I'm upset and didn't feel the excitement.
Anyway, I did a quick shopping right after exam.
Took shuttle with qing yu to pyramid and we shop separately.
Bought 2 pants and 1 dress from Cotton On for myself.
Bought 2 t-shirts for dad and grandpa respectively.
MNG is on sales!! And I don't have time to shop!! =(
Coz my aunt reached around 2pm, I rushed back to hostel and packed my stuff.
I still let them waited for about 45 minutes to settle all my stuff. SO SORRY!!
Then, went to have lunch at Old Town, Assunta Hospital visit and meet up with aunt's fren to have dinner.
And now, I'm blogging at HOME!
My dog miss me seriously. Stick by my side all the time. So sweet right?
Will tell you guys how awesome my holiday is from time to time. Stay tuned! :P
I shall sign out now as my doggy is waiting beside me to get some sleep. haha..
My lovey coursemates, Happy Holiday! Miss me k? lolz

PS: teck yuen, i know you are "diving" here. Happy holiday!! haha.. as i said, pls boom my bloggie.. =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

after the 3rd and before the 4th

Done with organic chem paper ytd afternoon.
For me, it was a tough one.
It asked about the resolution of enantiomers which I neglected and refused to read ytd morning.
I was scolding myself during the exam.
Who to blame? Myself.
I crap a lot for that question. Hopefully what I wrote make sense.
What's the right concept after all? Hmm.. I don't know.. Not dare to take out my notes and check.. T.T
Pharmacy, Health and Society I paper, the killer, on Monday morning, 0830.
4 more days to go! I haven't touch anything yet!
"Congratulation rou!"
But I couldn't stop myself from watching drama. OMG! someone please slap me!
Ok, I really need to focus focus focus. Lots of readings waiting for me.
Oh! I forgotten about my medicine in profile!!!
paracetamol, amoxycillin, codeine, what else?

Monday, June 14, 2010

♥ I'm coming back SOON ♥

Couldn't sleep well last night.
I shall say thats my pre-exam syndrome.
But, this time is weird and different from my usual syndrome.
I can't stop my brain from thinking delta G, delta H and delta S
addition, subtraction, cross-multiply...
I was like thinking about this whole night..
Accidentally fell asleep and wake up and rethink again..
It was like a dream.. I don't know what I'm counting at all..
And all the equations do not make any sense.
ENDED UP worsen my super duper dark circles and screwed up my physicochem paper..
I didn't really finish reading some questions and attempt them straight away..
I can feel that I made mistakeSSS again..
Don't tell me what I feel won't be right..
My 6th sense about exam is always accurate..
I even can count how many mistakes I've made correctly for the previous physio MCQ test..
Forget about it.. Kissing goodbye to my HD for physicochem..
I do hope you will come back and give me a surprise.
I love surprises. GOT IT??
one more day to my beloved organic chemistry paper.
I can't afford to make stupid mistakes again.
Hmm.. I'm thinking whether those nonsense in my dream are giving me some hint, telling me that I will write nonsense for my paper..
How sad... I want to sleep soundly tonight..
1 more week~~*finally smile happily*
my love ones, I'm coming back!! ♥ ♥

PS: Good luck for organic chem paper!!

With love,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying
I feel like suicide for a few seconds
dont worry, i won't make such decision..
dont care, i'm sleeping now and see what can i do tmr..

Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm going to book my train ticket in uni later~~ hohohoho~
Feel so excited when thinking of holidays..
less than 2 weeks!! GO GO GO~~
I shall start memorizing all the equations now.. @_@

Good luck to all my pharmacy babes!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 more!!

The super-excited me after physiology paper

Done with Physiology paper... PHEW~~~
Relieve that the paper is over.. But, I did it badly..
Wrote rubbish about cortex.. Rushed through prokaryotes, eukaryotes and plant cells question..
It is not that I don't know how to answer about prokaryotes, I actually left that question blank and tried to answer other questions behind first.. Then, 5 minutes before the paper end, I found out I forgotten about that part and rush rush rush.. Ended up, crapping.. T.T
Had been slacking for the whole day after the paper..
2 more days to physiochemical basis paper..
Really gonna work.. so much equation and concept to remember..
anyway, physiology, one of the main killers, had gone.. bye~ pray hard so i wont fail and meet it again...
Oopss.. It's Friday again!! Time really flies.. less than 2 weeks to be home.. hahaha.. I can't stop myself thinking about my up-coming awesome sem break.. It gonna be a great one.. I want to party hard!!!
Happy studying~ BE PRODUCTIVE ROU!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Nerd Is Here

Good morning!!
I've been missing for like 3 days..
Do you guys miss me?? lolx.. (trying to be perasan)
I've been study like a nerd for the past few days..
LOOK!! now i have horrible eye bags+ miserable dark circles+noticable pimples+chubby face
Sorry for scaring you with my horrible picture.. Just wanna prove to you guys that I really DID STUDY and I'm really NERDY.. thats why I didn't update bloggie.. =P

1 more days to finals.. I'm really nervous now.. I left 3 chapters for Physiology, which is my first paper, and yet to touch any past year papers.. how "GREAT" right?? I'm gonna screw all of them today!! and revise like nobody tomorrow.. hopefully it will be a success!!

*stomach growling* hmm... I basically just wake up and gonna start my revision soon... Bye readers!! Wish me luck for Thursday paper.. i miss you~~

Friday, June 4, 2010


ALL the internal marks for Pharmacy, Health and Society I (PAC 1311) is out. My practical marks is super duper disappointing. Sad. I got 38/50 only. So much difference from what I've expected. With low practical test score, low oral presentation mark and low assignment mark, my total internal marks for PHS is few more marks to HD boundary. Argh!! Shall I say goodbye to HD for PHS? Indeed, I deserved it coz I'm not studying/memorizing anything for the whole sem.

Went to Pyramid this afternoon to send a letter back home (just my photostated student id) and another letter to grandparent's home. Guess what, I am gonna give my grandpa a surprise. Haha. Guess he won't read my blog. So, I would announce it here first. People, I've actually sent a birthday card for my grandpa for his 70th birthday. The first-ever present I bought for him. Feel so bad now. I'm gonna buy another stuff for him as present but that will wait till the-day-after-finals. I wonder how my grandpa feel when he receive that card. Hope he will like it. =) Feel so sorry bcoz I couldn't attend the birthday celebration dinner as I'm having exam on that particular day. Aww... Have fun on that day k!!

After pyramid, i studied a set of lecture notes then off to uni for yoga class. So embarrassing in class today.. All because of my fats.. lolz.. aww... I wanna go for plastic surgery!! chou pi jiang ying, this time i have reason to go with you d..haha..

Felt relaxed and cleared all my sadness after yoga. Thats why I love it. " Breath in slowly but deeply. Now, relax your muscles.. I shall count from 10 to 1 and you will feel relax part by part. 10....9.....8.....7......6......5.....4.....3.....2......1. Breath in slowly but deeply. Tell yourself, I AM RELAX~ "

I'm going to study now! Bye~ Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You are my friend. How about me?

Family and friends are important to me.
Family loves are mutual.
How about friends?
In some cases, the love is mutual.
However, most of the time, the answer is disappointing.
Well, I've actually shared my thoughts about friendship in my previous blog.
Hmm.. frequent readers, I think you know how I feel now.
I always blog about friendship when I am emo. No doubt. LOL.
So, I am going to come out with a quote today, (fuyoh~)

"Appreciate those who share their happiness with you. Appreciate those who share their thoughts with you. Show them you are their listener and you will always be there for them. But if they ignore you more than once, hold their hands and sincerely say THANK YOU and go off."