Saturday, April 19, 2014

Graduation - the next stage of life __ Part 1

6th April 2014 -- A long waited day for all my BPharm babes. It's our graduation day!!! 

For me, I prepared for this big day few weeks before -- order flowers, shop & pick for graduation dress, decide on which heels/shoes to wear, decide on which photo-shoot package to take, invite friends, etc etc..... Yeah... I've been so busy! Some friends don't even understand why I do this for. =P Yup! I do this for one of my big day in my life! I want the best! *sound like a Virgo, but in fact I'm a Capricorn*

I tried to do make up for myself to save some bucks. But on that day, I failed to conceal my dark eye circles and decided to make a trip to Sunway Pyramid to get help. SOS!!! And I decided to let Shu Uemura to do my make up. RM150. Not cheap! But with my stupidity and perfectionism, I decided to pay for it. Make up took 1.5 hours and hence I was late to collect the gown. Late. Everything is delayed after that. No photo taken in uni with graduation gown. T.T *saddest thing in life*

Well, don't talk about sad stuff. Let's continue with my big day. 

While doing my make up, my family arrived. They went for lunch and collected my flowers from car while I rushed to Sunway Hotel to get the gown. And then, queue for photo-shoot!

ME! First picture of the day! Queuing for photo-shoot! I think I look awesome! XD Congratulations to me and my BPharm peeps!!