Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24 Feb 2010

The awesome summer break is coming to an end.
Leaving this small town and going back to Sunway soon.
Don't feel like leaving, like usual.
But I really can't wait to meet my unimates and hostel gang after so many months.
Once uni starts, I can't go Penang every week anymore.
I can't sleep until 10 nor go to bed at 3.
I promise myself, I'll be discipline.
Need to study hard and smart.
I don't want any crying session when results release.
People, work harder towards your goals.
Care about the people around you. ^^
Yeah! This photo summarizes my feeling of summer break.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Monday, February 14, 2011

A Random Sunday

YO!!! 2 weeks left before uni starts. My almost-4-months holidays is coming to an end soon. So, I'm gonna fully utilize my days with family and hometown friends before I go back to the city. I've been very healthy these days. I woke up at 8am for 3 days continuously. *claps*

Last Sunday, went to Lake Garden early in the morning to take photos with my Nikon P90. It isn't a new one (bought it last year). Played with it and SS with trees and flowers. Yes, I love natures--trees, flowers and beach. Here are some photos taken that day. More in facebook. ^^
I'm not pretty, but who cares?
Best photo of the day (Reason: without my face)

Well, thanks for reading, peeps! You are being loved by me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Disted-ians CNY Gathering 2011

It's the 6th day of CNY and I had a gathering with friends again! This time is more amazing coz we travelled to Penang and met up with 2 sweeties. Yes, it's a small Disted-ians CNY gathering with only 5 people. We had lunch at Winter Warmers(Sunway Carnival), a visit to Kek Lok Si, re-visited Kang Har Tong (our beloved ex-hostel.. *cough cough*) and had dinner at Chai Leng Park before we left. It's a simple but awesome gathering. We didn't meet each other for a long time. Nice to catch up with them and Edward still never fails to make us laugh without reason. Share some photos here and more photos are being uploaded in Facebook. I wish there will be a gathering soon with more people. I miss all of them!

3 of us (Edward, Chu Sun and me) from Taiping. Thanks Edward for driving us there! =)

With 2 sweeties. Ying aka chou pi jiang and Janice. XOXO
@ Kek Lok Si with happy-bunny-year pose. LOL

I love the lanterns!!! I so wanna go again at night!!!

Great outing and yeah, Happy Chinese New Year people!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chor Sam

Third day of CNY 2011. As usual, I asked my friends to come over and had a small gathering back home. The number of people attending obviously decreased a lot compared to last year. But it was still fun because most of us haven't been seeing each other for quite some time (one year or less..)

This year, I finally got the chance to have photo taking session. It's the only way to capture down our YOUNG moment. haha.. I'm happy to meet up with everyone. You don't have to contact each other but the bond still stay strong. That's the awesome part of having high school friends.

Part of the people. The early ones.
My new year resolution: I wanna turn taller!
One of my favourite pic of the day. Meet Jeffrey!
Finally I get to take photo with this sweetie after years. =)

I do hate CNY except the part which I can meet up with friends and relatives and have reason to grab new garments and accessories. =) HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! I hope the coming days will be more happening. I still need to work anyway. Happy wrapping hamper to me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's the 3rd day of CNY. Will be back to blog SOON!!