Friday, November 29, 2013

Sneak peek to my awesome week after exam...

YEAH!!! Done with finals and that ends my undergraduate BPharm degree in Monash. The whole week after the last paper, I had been spending time with friends, hang out as many people as I could and packed to move on the very last day. Hectic but enjoyable.

Love this photo so much! Thanks for making my dream comes true after exam -- A day trip to sekinchan with 16 other classmates. So much loved. I always plan trips and/or events that make people feel annoyed. I hope people dont remember me as an annoying person. haha..

I managed to meet so many people until I need to sit down and rearrange my memory according to the dates. Non-stop attending farewell dinners/lunch(s) which makes me forget to cry. Didn't cry until the moment I drove home and sang S.H.E.'s 不说再见.


Stay tuned for more updates for my awesome week after exam. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Muphas Farewell

19th November 2013 (Tues)
This is an important day for us (year 4 BPharm students) and other BPharm juniors -- it is our 2nd Muphas Farewell dinner. Yes, it is our turn to say goodbye to juniors and wish each other all the best in the future. 

Really appreciate junior's effort to make this event happen and make it such a warm-hearted one. The "secret" messages idea was great and you can see how we colour up the wall with our secret love messages. Guess which is mine?? haha...

The props were awesome too! My favourite is the one shown below. Instagram prop! So creative. *Big claps for the organizer* We have so much fun posing with the instagram props. Did you notice that? 118 likes. haha! It is big enough to fit so many of us. Really nice. =)

Because I was late to the party due to some issue, I missed the chance to take photos of food and performances. However, I did saw the food. It was quite nice (I can feel that although didn't get to taste it). 

We also celebrated Syn Tiea's and Yen Yee's birthday together. Thanks to Vincent for his idea. Look at our great group photo! (There's still some ppl missing) These are all my lovely peeps that I've been seeing their faces for 4 years. And now, I have to say goodbye to them soon. I'll miss them for sure. Miss their laughters, miss their presence, miss their kindness. Do miss me k!

Stay tuned for more updates about life after exam. It is really fun! Gotta sleep! Many lovely people to meet tomorrow and days after. XD

Saturday, November 16, 2013


馥甄終於出新專輯啦!首波主打-'渺小' 竟然在考試期間播出,害我日等夜等,不能專注于念書。差點忘了第一時間聽的說,我replay了這首歌'N'次!真的是太獨特,MV太美。





為喚不回的 為做不到的 為還在活的我和你
向蝴蝶知更 向肉體靈魂 向芸芸眾生
我該說感謝 還是對不起

為受過傷的 為犯過錯的 為還在活的我和你

向黄土灰塵 向肉體靈魂 向芸芸眾生
我該說感謝 還是對不起
某一天消失 某一天誕生 有一天寬恕我和你

向恩怨愛恨 向肉體靈魂 向芸芸眾生
我該說感謝 再說對不起

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Enjoy being single

Dear all, this is a post for people who enjoys and feel comfortable being single, for people who wonder why there's people who enjoy single life and for people who are in the mist of being desperate to go into a relationship. I'm here to share my thoughts from a single young lady point of view. Hehe..

Ladies and gentlemen, I always got a question from friends around me -- why are you still single? Hmm... that's a very tricky question and I yet to find a good answer to that. I am 22 this year and 8 more years to 30s. Am I worried? Honestly yes. But why don't make a change? I have a few reasons.

1) I am not wanted.
- There's no guy that makes me feel that I'm wanted/important in any sense. Maybe I have sensory problem and not being able to detect? Hmmm.....

2) I'm very comfortable with my current lifestyle
- I love freedom and I've been given a lot of freedom throughout my life. My parents love and support me in any sensible things that I want to do. I can decide to go wherever I want at any suitable timing and with acceptable cost. I enjoy hanging out with friends and I have plenty of guy friends. If I were to be in a relationship, I think my "bf" will be annoyed. I don't believe that there's a guy who can accept who the girl is and everything about her. NEVER HAPPEN.

3) For now, I don't have time.
- My current priority is my work, family and friends. I want to think about a suitable career path and that needs time to construct the whole idea. I want to spend more time with family and not to quarrel about small things with "bf". Small arguments exist- never ignore the time needed for it.

4) I don't understand myself completely
- With that, I shouldn't expect anyone to understand me either. I would be too selfish to commit into a relationship without knowing what I want in the first place. 

I know my thinking is somehow an altered belief or misconception. I'll grow and learn from time to time and maybe my arguments may change one day. What makes my single life awesome is that I can spend more time with family and friends, not just to one person, and have more ME time. =) Love my current life. Too comfy. 

PS: I should continue with my study -- last paper to go to graduation XOXO

Monday, November 11, 2013

O-M-G. Avicii is coming!!!

Before this song, I never proclaim myself as a EDM lover. E-electronic D-Dance M-Music. I love party as I grow older and this is the time where I get in touch with EDM and this is the first song that I fall into:
"So wake me up when it was over, when I'm wiser and I'm older, All this time I was finding myself, didn't know that I was lost......."

Who says EDM are just for party? Their lyrics can be awesome too! Particularly for this song. This is such a motivating song for me. Wait, guess what, Avicii is coming to town!!!

Date: 30th of November 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 5PM onwards
Venue: Sepang International Circuit, The Welcome Center

Yes, in less than 20 days, my EDM idol is coming to town! *can't sit still* Get the party rocking!!!

I haven't get my tickets for Avicii event. =( Now, I'm blogging and hope Nuffnang could give me the tickets. VIP tickets!!! 

Why I should be chosen? 5 best reasons here:
1) I'm a cool kid - I get along with people easily, especially with music around
2) I can get high even without alcohols - surely I will enjoy the event to the max!
3) I want to meet Avicii as he is my inspiration for 2013 (of course, also in the future)
4) I want to party after my finals for my final year!
5) I want to attend, enjoy and share with people about this coolest event in town!

Please let me win! EDM rocks MOVEMBER! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

BFF cover

Is this phone cover beautiful? I love the concept and also the memories that will stay with it. I named it "BFF cover". But hey, this isn't my phone cover, it is a birthday present of a friend of mine. =) I really hope that our friendship will shine like a diamond and be long-lasting as diamond too!

I'm going to finish my finals in 10 days. I'll be leaving my 2nd home in less than 3 weeks. Yes, I'll be moving out from my hostel, where I've spent 4 years of degree life. Pieces of memories will flashback from time to time since end of September. I recalled the "old" behavior and mentality of mine. The quiet and hardworking side of mine. Now that I know more friends and understand the importance of communication, it is the time I'm leaving for good. Working life is awaiting for me next. What to expect next?

My thoughts are jumbled up recently. Will I be able to keep in touch with my uni mates? Will they remember me in another 5 years? Will I remember all their names and what they like? Where will I be next year? Am I professional enough to be a pharmacist? Can I be a pharmacist? All these questions are popping out from time to time to make me annoyed with myself.

Time will proves everything. Hard work will be paid off in their own way. =)
Believe in my ability to take up the stresses and ability to provide help to others. Life is and will be good.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


尤其是在看了"SECOND SIGHT"以后

等等。。 等等。。


2013 的尾声,我的人生又要有新的改变了!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Failure attacks!

I wanted to tell you something......
I wanted to tell you something......
I wanted to tell you something......
I wanted to tell you something......
I wanted to tell you something......
AND I FAILED to tell again....

This is my 4234923871987 times of failures. I just want to tell the truth, what happened in the past and what was my thought in the past. I'm gonna plan for the next opportunity to tell you. Stay tuned!

PS: Found a song by Malaysian artist. Love the melody. So nice as my lullaby.