Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PRP Life: First Ward Round EVER

I'm finally in clinical attachment! Nervous and really looking forward to learn new things. 

I'm grateful that I have the chance to follow a grand ward round today with 2 consultants. They are so kind and willing to teach the HO, at the same time I could listen and learn =D Feel good to learn so many things in such a short time. Brain feeling a little congested. 

Time to clear up my mind before going to sleep. Study study study. I'm really amazed by the clinical pharmacist who can remember every single patient with their "complicated" condition. I want to be like them, one day. 

Appreciate the chance given to learn. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Move on

I was talking to a friend today and I was told that "If you move on, you will find something better". 

It's true. I agree. I've tried holding on something for years and it just kept coming back and worn me out. Indeed, once I move on, I feel happier. Relax. Grateful. 

Ever tried holding on something for a long time? 
A belief? A relationship? A friend? An attitude? A dream?
If it is something not feasible after trying a few times, why don't try to let it go?
Let it go and MOVE ON. 
Maybe, you will find something different. Something fruitful.
You'll never know what will come next.
You'll never know what God has planned for us.

No harm trying.
No harm trying again and again. 
Same concept, no harm trying to let go.
No harm trying to MOVE ON.

We need to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.
Don't stay at the same place and stone. 
Life should not be wasted by stopping at a stop for too long. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

PRP Life: My TDM Journal (Part 2)

Continue from Part 1

TDM Day 4 (Thursday)
TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday)! Went to work happily because I planned to go home. Packed my stuff and rushed to work. Deep in my heart, I know it is gonna be a bad day. Machine was still malfunction and how should we run our samples? Go other hospitals? Sungai Petani? Penang? Kangar? or elsewhere?

Reached hospital and had discussion with the boss. Decision: bring blood samples to Penang and run. And, I have to go, without being able to claim back petrol. T__T 

After the discussion, I was quite worried as I was really new in the department, just 2 days experience. My friend and I were discussing and trying to think for a better solution. Boss doesn't allow both of us to go together. Sad. After 1 hour of mental preparation, I'm ready to go. 

Who knows, I received a call from another hospital, saying that they are willing to help us. They could help us with everything and hence I don't have to worry anymore. YEAH~~ Happily, we sent all the samples to that KIND hospital and waited for results. 

Jeng Jeng! The engineer came at 12pm and fixed our dear machines. *claps* Then, we are able to run new samples that are sent to us in the afternoon. Reported results. Done with our work. Sit and wait for call from that KIND hospital. *dot.... dot.....dot......*

At 5pm, we called that KIND hospital to trace results. (We should finish work by 3.30pm but we waited till 5pm because their hospital finish work at 5pm) GREAT! They only provide us with VERY VERY FEW RESULTS. Only 15% of what we've sent. WHAT??!! Then, they told us that they plan to do the rest the next day. 6 hours of work and only did so few, and now they say they wanna go home. We were really helpless that time and decided to travel to that hospital to get our samples back. Precious blood samples. =3

Used 2 hours to travel to the hospital and reach back our workplace around 9pm. Threw all our blood samples into the machine to run and had KFC as our dinner while waiting. Thank you boss for the treat and thanks for the drive. Waited for results, key in into the system and informed the results. It was already 12am when we finally finish our work and leave hospital.

7.30am till 12am work. What an experience. 

I really "appreciate" what that KIND hospital has done to us. Please don't offer to help when you don't have the ability. Gave us hope and gave us a hell-like day. "THANK YOU"

Thursday, September 18, 2014






Friday, September 12, 2014


“这世界上,每一个人,都在等一个人” -- 【等一个人咖啡】


看完九把刀的最新电影 - 等一个人咖啡,感动十分,电影里的名句不停地浮现在脑海里。九把刀,你真是太有才了!怎么能想到如此特别的题材。我一直抱着去看一部普普通通在咖啡馆等心上人的电影,可故事情节却完全是预料之外的。*拍手叫好*




1) “你的笑容,是我这辈子最想得到的宝藏。”
2) “ 我们的爱情最大的遗憾是没有缘分”
3) “对不起。我这辈子最遗憾的事,就是没有缘分陪你一起变老”


1) “雨不会永远一直下”
2) “爱情,不谈愧疚”



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PRP Life: My TDM Journal (Part 1)

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) is a part of pharmacy service in hospital, which many people aren't aware of. TDM provides service to measure the medication concentrations in blood, mainly focus on drugs with narrow therapeutic index (which means the drugs can be easily under- or overdosed; and may have serious adverse effects if the level is out of range). Hence, TDM is important to help the healthcare team to individually adjust the dose according to patient's latest condition. 

Being a provisionally registered pharmacist (PRP), I have the chance to attach to TDM department in my hospital for a month. I was quite happy to attach to this department as it is something different. We need to deal with machines, blood samples, calculations, etc...... Unlike outpatient and inpatient department, we did not directly supply medication to the patients. TDM department provide results of current drug concentration in the blood and provide recommendation to the healthcare team. Doctors will then decide to follow our recommendation or not, to provide the ultimate care to the patients. 

Sounds interesting isn't it? But let me share with you my first 3 days of attachment in TDM. Most happening rotation ever! 

TDM Day 1 (Monday):
My first day in the new department and I felt a little stressed up. I've deal with patients in Outpatient Department (OPD) for a month and now I'm in the room, full with machines. Machines aren't my kind of thing because I'm literally a technology noob. Oh well, I'm glad that I have an awesome friend entering this department together. With her around, I feel calmer. 

So the first day was HECTIC. I'm new and yet there are many samples flooding in. Oh no, why during my first day?! Well, I have to run samples from antibiotics, anti-epileptics, to immunosuppressants (which normally run every Tuesdays).

We were so busy until we have to skip lunch to finish our work. And yet, we still finish our work late, around 6.30pm. What a day. But I'm grateful that I've given the chance to learn so many things in a day. Challenging. =)

Serum Serum! My buddy for a month!

TDM Day 2 (Tuesday):
Second day in TDM and I was quite tense since 7.30am. First day experience was quite a shock to me and hence I was hoping that Day 2 will be less hectic. BUT, our TDM boss took off. Hence, left 2 of us and we'll need to find other senior pharmacists to consult when we have problems. 

Things went quite smoothly in the morning. We centrifuged blood samples, send them into the machine, record result, etc etc.... *phewwwww......* We still manage to go for lunch, which was quite a great relief.

After lunch time, we had a surprise waiting for us! @_@ There's a serum sample from other hospital, which looks like urine. It was kept in a urine sample tube and there's a ball of unknown bugs in it. Fungi? Bugs? We had no idea what is it and it looks really disgusting. *just feel like vomiting* We called that hospital and confirmed with the pharmacist what is in the tube. They insisted that they sent us serum sample in urine tube. But well, with that disgusting bugs, we can't run that sample anyway. Grrrrrr....... 在TDM的日子,真的是度日如年。

P/S: That ball of bugs grew bigger at the end of the day. I really wonder what was that. Disgusting bugs. Tsk tsk....