Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little achievement from Malaysia Chabor: Blog post made it to the first search result in Google

Yeah!! I'm happy today! My blog post on "Malaysia Chabor" make it to the first search result in google. 


This morning, I was wondering why I have so many views for that quite-normal-song-sharing post. So I tried to google "Malaysia Chabor" (yes, that's the search term) and my blog post is on the top list. First search result! WOW!! 

Never in my blogging life I've made such "achievement". It might not be anything to some, or most, bloggers, but I'm very happy with such small "achievement". 

This motivates me to keep blogging and inspired me as well, to write another version of Malaysia Chabor. Wait for "Malaysia Chabor TWO" blog post. Will it be a song? A poem? A short story?? You will know it soon. Stay tuned!! XOXO

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